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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bathroom Refresh On A Budget!

 The inset shelf above the tub is really nice.  I also like the tile on the wall.:

As homeowner's we sometimes just want some inexpensive quick changes that will give our home a little refresh.

Today while perusing Pinterest I ran across an idea that I thought could help a lot of homeowners that would love to re-do their bathroom, but it just isn't in the cards for them right now.

What a quick way to give your bathroom a spa feeling.

By adding natural wood and white elements to your bath, your room will feel fresh and new, no matter what color it is right now. 

 RĂ…GRUND Chair with towel rack IKEA Helps to save room because you get both a chair and a towel rack in the same space.

There is nothing like natural wood tones with soft creams and whites to make your bathroom feel 
spa -like. 

Don't forget Ikea as a resource as well. I love this seat/towel rack all in one for space saving ideas.


CB2 has some great looking teak products as well as simple clean lined white elements for your bath at great price points.

Clear glass is also a good element to add for a spa look.......

Glass Canisters
You can also find teak flooring on Amazon HERE, if you like this idea as much as I do.

If you want a spa-like bathroom, keep in mind... 


First step:
Clean until it sparkles
Empty all shelves and vanity items 

Step two:
Add elements judiciously
Use natural woodtones
All white accessories
All clear accessories  

Step three:

Add plush white towels.....


Step Four:
Do not clutter your vanity
If needed Corral items on a tray

The Art of Display | Match and Strike:
(If you add flowers on your vanity make sure they are real and not faux, even a sprig of fern will add life to your room, remember we are going for simple and natural elements for a spa look)

It is not as hard as you think to make your bath look fresh and spa-like with a less is more approach!!