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Thursday, February 5, 2015

X Marks The Spot For This DIY!


I am not a Diyer as you all well know. I admire those that can do a diy project that looks like something they bought at a store, or that looks like it cost a lot more than it actually did.

I just have never found too many projects that I could do, or truthfully would be able to do, and do it justice.

Recently I sent a picture to a friend of mine of an entry hall console table that fit in line with her design aesthetic….

Coastal details. sawhorse entry table
She likes a somewhat rustic look with just a slight touch of industrial, and I thought this table would be a project that she, and her husband could do fairly cheaply.

I have always loved a particular desk with these same lines that is not as rustic, but a bit more refined…..

Worlds Away Jared Navy Desk

I started looking around a bit more to see what options there might be to possibly make one of these desk as in the first image for my friend.

I had no idea there were so many different options for X-legs/sawhorse legs.

FINNVARD Trestle with shelf IKEA

This only cost $35 and you could use wood planks or glass for the top.

This whole set-up is from Ikea for $149.99

Salvage Savvy  saw horse desk

I even found a glass top X-leg desk at a fairly reasonable price…

Zena Office Desk - Signature

In my looking I found another interesting piece for those of you that like the industrial look…..

Watts Galvanized Steel Water Heater Stand-S-22 - The Home Depot

How about this for a galvanized end table, or use two or three together for an interesting coffee table. At $29.97 it is more than affordable.

Guess what this is actually used for? I was so surprised!!

A stand for a hot water heater.

Never underestimate the Hardware store. Be sure and take your imagination with you.

It was fun sourcing and idea that I probably would have never done for myself since it is not the style I decorate in.

Hopefully one of you very clever Diyer’s out there will be able to do something similar for your own home.