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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gathering Inspiration For Our New Yard



This is the time of year I get so enthused about life in general. There is so much beauty to look at all around us.

I am so grateful to be living in an area with beautiful green hills, vineyards, and farmland with beautiful orchards and produce.

Moving to a new home that is a blank canvas on the inside as well as the yard gives me an opportunity to become creative and I thrive on that.

If I said I did not miss my previous home I would be lying. We lived there for 37 years and it was truly a family home.

One of the many things I miss about our previous home was our yard, front and back. 

We had it just like we wanted it and spent a great deal of time enjoying sitting on the front porch in the mornings with our coffee listening to our fountain. 

We would sometimes have breakfast, lunch, or even dinner in the backyard listening to the fountain in our pool and watching all the wildlife visit the bird bath and feeders. It was pretty special to us.

Now we have a new home that we get to start making our HOME, and with that comes plans for a new yard. 

The front yard was planted in a drought tolerant style, not quite my style and we will address that next year. I am a green lawn gal, not a bark and plants gal.

Our backyard is a blank canvas and we will be starting on that in a couple of weeks. 

I spent some time this morning looking at some of the pictures of our previous yard to get inspired and hopeful of what we are about to encounter. 

All of the pictures in this post are from our previous front and backyard.

It was fun and a bit nostalgic for me to say the least. 

 In the upcoming weeks I will be able to share pictures of our backyard landscape plan, pictures of yards that inspire me and hopefully some of the work that is being done.

This week we will be working on a little project in our front yard right by our porch as you walk up to our door. I am so excited and can't wait to do it!! 

We don't have a porch in the front where we can sit like our previous home, but we do have a side porch in the backyard. 

However I still would like a little bit of prettiness and happiness to greet my family and guest.

So stay tuned for more of Dougie and Kathysue's journey in their little cottage in the vineyards!