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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My New Years Gift To YOU!!


It is almost here!! 2015! It hardly seems possible.  We all have been given the gift of another year.

Some of you will read the words I have written here, others will just skim over the images.

For those of you that have taken the time to come by my blog today I hope you will take the “TIME!” to read what I have written.

My gift to you, my dear reader is I am about to share with you a lesson that I learned, that you might benefit from it in some small manner....

.....I look at my upcoming year a bit differently than I use to when I was younger. 

It is not so much about how much I will get done this year, or how much stuff I will get, but I look at the time I have been given as a gift.

blog post on time
I choose to use my time as a precious gift, and when I get the opportunity to spend time with my loved ones, or friends, I am going to use my time wisely.
Most of us feel as if time goes by faster these days, but trust me we have  the same 24 hours in a day as our ancestors.

What is different, is how we choose to spend our time.

Life has taught me a couple of really good, and meaningful lessons about how I use my time, some were hard lessons, and some were wonderfully pleasant lessons, but I did learn from them……..

blog post on time 1
One lesson, and the hardest lesson in my life, was taught to me at the age of twenty four when my Dad at the age of 47 died of a heart attack.

My world crumbled at that very moment. You see I was a Daddy’s girl, through, and through. I basically thought this man could walk on water.

blog post on time 2
Through losing him I realized at a very young age, that it was the sweet moments, the time I could never get back. 

I might have pictures, or gifts he had given me, but I never could get back the time, that precious gift of time to spend with him.

If only I could just have 30 more seconds back to tell him once again how much I loved him, and  how much I appreciated him.

blog post on time3

As hard as it was to no longer have my Dad in my life, I did learn a very important lesson about time, and how you should spend it with the people you love, and care about.

blog post on time4

My other lesson was a happier lesson, and it came in the form of a little 6 year old boy.

We had our boys, and their families here for some occasion, and all of the girls were in the living room talking about, design, hair, make-up and the latest fashions. 


I was in the middle of  telling a story when my 6 year old grandson came up to me, and asked me if I would play beach ball volley ball with him. I told him, "sure, just give me a few minutes to finish my story."

blog post on time5

A few minutes to a little guy is an eternity, so of course he came back in a very short period of time.

I stopped my story, and looked into those blue eyes and said, “Sure, Grammy will play with you!”

We went down the hall, got the beach ball, and started tossing it back, and forth down my almost thirty foot hallway.

All of the sudden, that little guy came running down the hall, hugged me around the waist, and ran back to his end of the hall, and we continued our play. 

blog post on time6
Not a word was spoken, but I knew! He was telling me how much he loved me, as only a small child could with such a heartfelt demonstration of love.

blog post on time7

It did not take hours, truly it was maybe 10-15 minutes, but the point had been made.

I took the time to put him, and spending time with him above everything else, and he knew without a doubt how much his Grammy loved him.

blog post on time9
You see it is not the amount of time, it is the quality of time, and how you choose to spend your time that matters.

So with that my dear readers, I leave you with this……..

.....Time is a gift! We all get to choose how we will spend it, and who we will spend it with.

I pray that this year you all spend your time wisely and lovingly with the special people in your lives……….

Happy New Year, and May God bless each and everyone of you with precious, precious “TIME!”!