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Thursday, November 6, 2014



Whether you dress up or do a casual look for Thanksgiving there is always a look out there that you will love.

I have my favorites and I tend to  lean towards a more casual, and comfortable look. 

Since I am the one in the kitchen I have to have something that I can move easily in and not get too hot by the stove and oven!!!

Here are a 10 ideas that inspired me……

Thanksgiving outfit
This particular outfit is casual, but since it is with a skirt it dresses it up a bit. It still would have an ease about it and the necklace will take it up a notch.

Thanksgiving outfit 7
Notice the necklace!! It adds just the right amount of bling to make the outfit holiday worthy, even with jeans!!!

Thanksgiving outfit. 11jpg
Super comfortable and classic. Another fun, blingy necklace. Are you starting to notice a recurring theme here?


LEOPARD is a neutral for me in my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I mix it with checks, plaids, stripes and even polka dots. Trust me on this it CAN be done!!!

Thanksgiving outfit9

If you are not comfortable mixing patterns stick with neutrals and basics like jeans, white blouse and oatmeal cable knit cardigan, accessorizing with simple gold chains, or pearls. Don’t forget the leopard shoes!!!!

Thanksgiving outfit.8jpg
If you are more the skirt type why not do a leopard skirt with a simple white t-shirt and Levi jacket?

Take note:
One thing I want to point out is she does not have any jewelry around her neck this is a very good call!! 

Let me tell you why? I think with a collar, the pockets, and buttons a necklace would be one step too far in this outfit.  There is already enough going on in the area where a necklace would be.

The skirt is the star here. Simple black flats would be perfect or if you are young a pair of black booties with heels.

Thanksgiving outfit 2

Plaid is so big this season, and by adding an autumnal color like mustard to the mix it can make the outfit perfect for a fall day, or Thanksgiving. I would either carry a leopard bag, or switch out the shoes to leopard if I carried a leather bag. Mix it up a bit!!

Thanksgiving outfit 5
Love everything about this outfit I would not change a thing here!! Of course my heels would have to be flats, but they would have a pointy toe for sure!!!

Thanksgiving outfit 12
A little more mustard, and a skirt!! 

This time it is mixed with a pretty denim blue, and a scarf with a teal blue.

Love this outfit, but for me the boots are a bit youthful with all the buckles in the back. I would go for a simple classic smooth brown leather boot with no bells and whistles. 

I would also be sure the knee socks did not show if I were to wear high boots. 

In reality I would not wear the high boots because I am short, and this would be cutting me into thirds. It is all about proportions and I have short legs. Here is where my leopard flats would come in handy!!

The other thing I would change out is the earrings, they match the sweater too much. I would wear gold loops, always a classic!!

Thanksgiving outfit.6jpg

The other recurring themes in my wardrobe are jeans, cashmere pull overs, gold jewelry and simple pearls.

You will almost find them in my ensembles. The above outfit is perfection, and to be honest I have every single piece in this outfit, except my blouse is white.

outfit, leopard

If you would like to see more of what I like you can go to the following pinboards that are suitable for this time of year. Just click on the titles below…..