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Saturday, October 22, 2016

A BEAUTY POST: "My New Favortie Skincare Product!"


Do you look forward to cleaning your face at night before you go to bed? I am sure you are all moaning a little and saying under your breath, half the time I don't even clean my face before I go to bed. So that would be a big NO!!

I hear you and I will admit I did not always clean my face before I went to bed and trust me now I am regretting that bad decision.

Younger ladies take heed!!  (think bigger pores and wrinkles as you get older) Clean off that make-up at night!

Recently I have been researching, and reading a lot about how the Korean women take care of their skin. To say I am impressed with what I am learning is an understatement.

After reading and watching copious amounts of information on the subject I decided to try a few of the Korean products.

Since I already have my own skin care products I opted to try some things that I did not already have.

Have you ever tried a new product and you immediately fell in love with it?

Well that is what happened when I tried the product I am sharing with you today.

The premise for Korean skincare is so different than what we practice in the  United States. They spend more time taking off their makeup than they do applying it. They use makeup to enhance rather than camouflage like we do.

Their skincare is like a special, luxurious ritual, and something to look forward to at the beginning and end of each day. 

I know!! Sounds hard to believe, and trust me I was skeptical until I started a few of their processes.

The main one was to double cleanse!
First you clean with an oil cleanser to dissolve any make-up, oil dissolves oil.
Next you use a facial wash, nothing that strips your skin, if your skin feels tight, you are stripping it.
They use a toner to balance the skins PH and THEN.......
They use an ESSENCE!

Even the name sounds lovely

 When I was watching a few videos of women that seem to make sense in what they were using on there skin, this particular essence kept showing up.

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They all raved about this one product and said they would never be without it.

The essence is what prepares your skin to receive the products such as serums, moisturizers.

If your skin is moist it will receive other products better. Think of a dry sponge how it plumps when moist, but if you applied a lotion or cream to a dry sponge it would just sit on top and not penetrate.

This is how it is explained by a board certified Korean esthetician, Charlotte Cho, and founder of the Soko Glam shop.

I have always thought, ( I know it's not true, but) that Starbucks puts something in their coffee that makes you want more and more. 

WELL, that is how I feel about  this essence, I can't seem to get enough of it. I love the feel, the soft clean scent, the nurturing feeling, and the glow it gives my skin.

Seriously I look forward to my skincare now. I never use  to, and either dreaded it, or felt guilty for not doing it at night.

Now I have a nice, lovely skincare regime that I truly feel like my skin is getting nutrients and what it needs.

I am trying some other products as well, but was so excited about this product that I had to share it with you now. 

I will only recommend a product that I feel really makes a difference, so I will wait until a length of time goes by before writing about them.

If you are not on the Korean skincare wagon, or have not even heard of it, trust me you will be very soon.

I really feel like they are ahead of our western ways in skincare and it is worth a try. I only wish I had heard of this in my 30's or even 40's.

Here is the book that breaks it down in a very understandable and entertaining way...

I am not an expert by any means, just a lady trying to do her best to take care of myself, and always searching to learn about new things!

In the upcoming weeks I will write more about some of the other products I am giving a try.

If you want to try out this essence use this link and you will get a discount....