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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Christmas PEEK!

It is almost here!!! I am so excited!! I thought I would give you a look at what I have been up too. How about a peek at my Christmas words and wrapping!!

I love letters, words, numbers so when I was inspired  last year by Emily’s Christmas words I just knew I had to have them on my mantel.

I chose the words LOVE, WISH, and what is most important to me, FAMILY!!!

I also have smaller words, Joy, Peace, Believe, and Hope on my tree and scattered throughout the mantel garland.

Christmas 2011 013 (800x600) (800x600)

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 036 (600x800)

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 037 (800x600)

I purchased this vintage trophy at the Alameda Antique Flea Market this fall. I have really enjoyed having it on my mantel this year. The touches of black just work well in my home, plus it adds just a touch more sparkle.

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 038 (800x600)

I used black letters on my white mantel, they showed up better than white words. I was surprised by that!! I added some glitter for my Christmas sparkle, and a little bling around the base of the words.

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 039 (800x600)
Here is a glimpse of one of the smaller words that I used.

I am like the rest of you and I am still busy baking, and wrapping gifts. 

This year I stored my wrapping paper in a French Market basket that I purchased the same day I bought the trophy in Alameda. 

I like to use my wrapping paper as part of the decorations by the tree. It is also handy to grab a roll to wrap a gift. Sometimes I have my rolls of ribbon in a pretty basket, but I ran out of room to display it  this year.

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 049 (600x800)

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 048 (800x600)

I love to mix patterns and textures in my wrapping paper. My colors are black and white with pops of red and lime green. My favorite paper is the iridescent snowflake pattern. I love the way it captures the lights.

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 044 (800x600)

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 042 (800x600)

This year I used a touch of the curly ribbon in a lime green with sparkles!! It is so fun!!! I also like the texture it adds to the packages.

Sarah Christmas and mantel 2011 043 (800x600)
This is my favorite wrapping paper and ribbon. I bought the ribbon from William Sonoma a few years ago. I had it personalized. I like the personal note for the recipient.

I still have a few packages to wrap and I am going to bake the apple cider caramel cookies today.

A very special friend is coming by for our annual Christmas cup of tea. I better scurry around here and get things wrapped up!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Falala Day!!!

In my next post I will show the whole room and the tree so I hope you can come back!!!

Merry Christmas,