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Monday, June 2, 2014




We are almost to the finish line on our kitchen. This weeks project was installing the undermount and inside cabinet lights.

I am a fanatic about lighting, and the mood it can set in a room. 

If you were to visit in the evening you would see all kinds of little ambient lighting around my home.

It gives me great delight to go around my home humming along, and turning on the lights at dusk.

Of course they all have dimmers so I can get a nice candle glow effect.

We never put undermount lighting in our kitchen because all the lights were either too harsh, or the wrong color of lighting for me.

I love a warm glow and all I seemed to see was a bright white, or a blue base lighting……


My sweet hubby went on line to see what kind of lighting we could find that could be dimmed for underneath the cabinetry,  and give me the warm glow that I love.

He found just the right kind of lighting for me……..

led lighting

LED strip lighting.

The strip itself is about 1/4 of an inch and the little tiny LED lights are about half the size of a match head. 
Just tiny!! 
It comes all rolled up on a reel just like film would be for a projector.

I chose less voltage, and warm white because I like a warm glow.

You need a transformer, connectors, and a dimmer switch to complete the job.


The connectors are really cool, no soldering needed!!

The transformer has to have an electrical outlet. We put ours inside the cabinet above our microwave where we have an outlet to plug in the microwave. I got lucky on this count!!


This is installed inside the cabinet next to my stove so it is out of sight, and I have easy access to it.

All my cabinets have undermount lighting, and the two cupboards with glass doors have lighting inside them as well.

All of this for under $50!

Color me HAPPY!!!!

That’s enough technical stuff, let’s get down to the.....

P1130956 (646x800)

I took this image right when the sun was going down. Can you see the warm glow in the corner, and inside the cabinets?

See how they glow, and make everything look sparkly inside my glass cabinets. I also have the back wall mirrored to add to the reflective quality of the lighting.

P1130962 (800x600)
It is even prettier at night time, or at least it is to me.

Next on the agenda is ……….


BTW: If you are interested in any of the above products just click on the image to go to the website to purchase them.