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Friday, March 10, 2017

Time To Add A Touch Of Spring To Our Homes!


Spring has definitely arrived in California. 

We have had some glorious Spring weather this week!  
So what does that mean?

Time to bring out some touches of Spring in the house. I am still waiting on some pillows to finish up the room, however I just could not wait to add some yellow to the room.

Here is my vision for our room.....

This is what it looks like so far....

Notice I got my touch of  pink in the room without having to use pink pillows.


If you love a color think about using it in small increments in the room in 2-3 areas.

If I were to have used a blue and yellow book the composition would have looked contrived, by adding a different accent color such as the pink it gives a better visual flow and keeps the eye moving around the room effortlessly.

I still have to find my piece of interest for the top of the book. I have a few things in mind.

If you noticed there is not one matching pillow in this whole room, yet it works. If you keep in mind the scale, colors and patterns being used in the room you can make it go together without actually matching.

Being somewhat of a traditionalist myself, and loving symmetry I find it hard to not do matching bookend pillows, yet over the years I have learned when to match, and when to vary my patterns. I think not matching, but coordinating makes for a more interesting room.

 So when you decide to change up your pillows, keep in mind the placement of each pillow and where you need to add certain colors in order to not make the room looked too contrived.


1. Use varying patterns and scale in the fabrics.

2. Coordinate fabrics,you don't necessarily have to match them.

3. Use a different color accent in 2-3 places in the room in order to not make the room look too contrived.

Now go and....

"Enjoy The Process Of:
Making your own room look like SPRING