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Friday, November 18, 2011

The “IT” Christmas Paper For This Year!!

After reading comments on my last post about wrapping paper for Christmas, and also from my observation while doing a little Christmas research it appears that Kraft paper is going to be the “It!” paper this year!! 

People seem to be using it in white, or the natural brown that we are all familiar with.

For some this is a new paper, and for others we have seen it come in and out of vogue a couple of times.
I know it was used in the mid 70's and the early 80’s.
To be honest it was used even earlier than that when packages were wrapped like parcels with brown parcel paper and twine in the pioneer days.(Remember Juilie Andrew's seeing, brown paper packages tied up with string?♫♪♫♪ these are a few of my favorite things♪♫♪♫♪.)

I have a cute story about Kraft paper…….. When my oldest,(now 39) was two years old, we would wrap all the gifts in various red, green, silver foils.

As new parents we would rearrange the gifts and put out a few unwrapped toys to make it look like Santa had been there. Well……. my oldest is pretty sharp and notices his environment and the details around him.

Little did I know how observant he actually was until he says to me, “ Look Mommy Santa has the same wrapping paper as us!” What?!! That is when I started using brown Kraft paper for Santa’s gifts. Whew!!!!

Now back to Kraft paper in 2011! As with any type of DIY projects it seems as if people become more creative and sophisticated as time goes by.

2011 Kraft paper wrapping does not disappoint.  In looking around I found some fun ways to use Kraft paper and I thought if you all are deciding on how to change things up this year you might be interested so without further ado…….

I love this first idea, simple and clever, using corrugated paper, and actual twigs for the tree trunks. Stencils for the snowflakes and Voila!!


Decide on a certain theme or motif and match package embellishments to the stencil used on the kraft paper!! Darling idea!

I thought this package was a bit elegant! I really like its understated charm.

From elegant to a touch of rustic……..

I love this concept. I might tweak it a bit and make the wood grain paper a bit more narrow.

How about mixing it up a little………..

This is a great way to incorporate pattern and using your left over wrapping paper that is not quite big enough for a gift. Just make the paper curls by wrapping tightly around a pencil!!! Very cute indeed.

Talk about being green and using what you have!! What a cute idea to make a ruffle out of newspaper. I think I would add a fun thin ribbon down the middle in a color or better yet something sparkly!!

Everyone seems to love using chalkboard paint how about this cute embellishment…….

Simple but clever! Just put Merry Christmas instead of Thank you, and you are set!

I don’t know why, but the top image is one of my favorite ideas to use with kraft paper. I can just see the sparkly confetti in Christmas colors. Easy to do, cover in glue and dip away!!

If you like a little color with your kraft paper how about this…..

What I have been noticing is more people seem to be going in the direction of using a white and natural color scheme for this year so if that is more you inclination you might like some of these……….

This is from my friends at Nashville Wraps.

Fun takeout box and a white pen to add whatever you would like. Here they did a kitchen theme, darling!

Simple lunch bags with a scalloped trim and a hole punch to make it look like eyelet!! I think it would be cute to paint just the edge white!! Ooooh!! How about the whole bag with white stripes, Yes!! I like that idea even better!

A little fluff-n-puff for you packages!

For you handy people that know how to embroider, try this one…….

A simple, “JOY!” using the button for the, “O” would be adorable.

 Get busy with your stamps and custom design your own personal wrapping paper.

 So whether kraft paper is a new, or an old idea too you, as you can see when using kraft paper you're only limitations would be your own imagination!!!!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Being Crafty with Kraft paper for
your Christmas packages