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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Big MISTAKE I Made!!


Hindsight is 20-20 so they say. 

In hindsight I realize that I made some mistakes that I wish I could go back and remedy. 

Since none of us can go BACK I thought I would do the next best thing, and share what I have learned with all of you, especially the younger ladies that follow my blog.


Why oh why did I not take care of my neck and hands like I did my face? 

Here's the deal, I have pretty good skin, thanks to my gene pool, but and it is a big BUT

Genes can only carry you so far and as you get into your 40's-50's-60's and beyond the lack of care, and attention you paid to your skin will show up in ways you never thought possible in your youth.

I am following a very good skin care regime now, but I am 66 years old, if I did this in my 30's and 40's I truly believe my skin would look much better than it does now.

If you are interested in the skincare regime I am using you can read about it HERE!!

Back to my neck and my hands. I use to have pretty hands, people would actually tell me that I had pretty hands. Well, I have not heard that nice compliment in a  very long time. I never used gloves while cleaning, sure I used and still do use hand cream. 

Neutrogena is my all time favorite. However I did not protect my hands from damage from the sun, and it would have  been so simple to apply a sun screen to my hands like I do to my face.

Trust me on this one ladies, USE SUNSCREEN on your hands, and wear gloves when doing dishes and cleaning. You will be so thankful when you get my age that you did this simple thing.

They say you can tell a women's true age by her hands and neck, those two areas show our age.

There are lots of things people can do to their faces to make them look younger, but those two areas are the Tell All areas.

Recently in my skincare regime I have been using a vitamin C serum. I not only use it on age spots on my face but also on my hands. I will have to say in the last few months the spots have lightened a good 50% so I will continue using this product on my hands as well.....

So if you are not using sunscreen on your face and hands and treating your face, neck and hands as equals in the skincare department, start NOW! It literally takes a couple of extra moments, and you will be so glad that you did as you become a bit older!!