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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Can You Wear Pastels?


 Even if you don't think you can wear pastels, read on, and I will show you how they can work in your existing wardrobe.

Wearing pastels is one of the trends for this Spring. As much as I like to stay current I am not sure I can dive in completely, and wear a whole outfit of pastels. 

I did a little research to see what I was drawn too, which pastels I liked, and which ones would look best on me, with my coloring.


At my age I have to be careful to not look like the mother of the bride, or a toddler dressed for Easter, or worse yet a Nana (even though I am a Grammy, I don’t want to look like one).

You know the look, the little old lady dressed head to toe in pastels with matching purse, and shoes. Not a good look for anyone.

I think the younger set can get away with wearing more pastels, but for me, I will be limiting how many I will wear in one outfit.


When dressing in pastels we have to be a bit careful. I started looking around to find some looks that I liked, and that I was attracted too.

Being a blonde with green eyes I can wear some lighter value colors, but I truly look better in medium values.


Mixing a pastel with neutrals is the way to go in order for me to feel comfortable.


Keep in mind you can add a pastel to your fingers, and toes, or maybe in your accessories such as jewelry, shoes and purses. Scarves are another great way to introduce pastels to an outfit.

I found a few looks that I think will work for me……..

I love this combination of navy and white with the softness of the mint. I already have the shirt and pants so all I need is a sweater and the right statement necklace to pull this off.

I think by only wearing one pastel color, and adding white and a darker color it could work for me.

Here is another look with a mint sweater with a soft gray, and white checked shirt ( I have this shirt too!)

 I even love the little touch of leopard peeking out from under her sweater. I think by pairing the pastel with the dark washed jean this outfit works well.

By adding pastels with neutrals you will have a more sophisticated look. Camel and pink is a wonderful combination, and one I would gladly wear.

I love the color blush, but with my somewhat paler skin tone it would wash me out close to my face. By using the pastel color on the pant, and adding a neutral blazer I could wear it.

By taking some looks that I like, and tweaking them a bit to make them work for me I will be able to wear this Spring look without doing my entire wardrobe around it.

The Do’s…….

  • Wear one pastel with a darker color or a neutral.

  • Try using a pastel colored nail polish.

  • Carry a purse in a pastel

  • Wear a statement necklace or bracelet with pastels to make the outfit current.

  • Wear pastels that look good with your skin tone close to your face.

  • If you like a pastel that does not work with your skin tone, wear it as the bottom of your outfit.

  • A scarf is always a good way to add a touch of pastel to your outfit.

The Don’ts…….

  • Do not wear pastels from head to toe.

  • Do not match your make-up to the pastel you are wearing. Forget the blue eye shadow with the pink lipstick. The younger set can get away with this, but not we more mature ladies!

  • Never match your shoes and purse.

  • Just remember you don’t want to look too precious. 

 We want to stay current and fresh, but always sophisticated, and age appropriate!

I think I need to find a mint colored sweater to add to my wardrobe for my touch of pastel for this Spring!

Do you see yourself adding pastels to your existing wardrobe? What pastels will you be wearing this Spring?

To see more of what I have pinned go HERE!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Adding some new, and current colors to your existing wardrobe!