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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is It Really Greener on The Other Side?

In today's post, it is most definitely greener on the other side.

Eddie Ross did a post the other day on color and he asked a question of his readers.  He asked us what new color or color combinations are appealing to us.  Little did Eddie know that I already had been thinking about the color Kelly green.  Touches  of this vibrant green in a room are so appealing to me.  I think it has something to do with the fact that it is the color of nature.  Green is a very soothing color to me.  Kelly green is a bright pop in any room. I am not sure it will ever work in my house as it is now, but it is fun to look at rooms and objects with my new "crush color."

Imperial Trellis wallpaper

With this green lacquered tray, all the ordinary objects look much more appealing.

I am noticing a lot of black and white is mixed with this bright pop of green. You know how I love my black and white combinations, so this would just be fun to have in a room.

Try to visualize this room without that amazing headboard. All of the sudden it is no longer as special.

Without the touches of green this kitchen would not have the life that it now has.

Phoebe Howard for Max and Co
I love these old green bottles. My friend Terri at La Dolfina will love this picture for sure. If you haven't seen Terri's blog be sure and stop by and tell her Kathysue sent you her way! She always has wonderful unique eye candy and her collection of bottles and shells is unbelieveable.

Here is  a cabinet filled with Terri's treasures. Notice the pop of green used here. My jaw dropped the first time I saw this.  This is only a fraction of her beautiful treasures.

I told you! You will not be disappointed.

Sarah Richardson
I really like the combination of the turqouise with the green. Erin at The House of Turqouise would probably enjoy this room

Phoebe Howard for Mrs. Howard
Absolutely Stunning! Interesting wall treatment. Notice the studding along the top and right above the wainscotting. I just find this to be so striking.

Sarah Richardson
More black and white with the pop of green. I love this and could totally live in this room.

I  probably could not do this much green on  my walls personally, but with all the white it works nicely. Did you notice the ceiling is even the green? Everything else in the room is nice and neutral.  You see if you study pictures and their use of color combinations you can learn what will work and what is appealing to you.

This foyer is a Wow! room to me. The mural wallpaper looks amazing and then the beautiful garden stool on the zig-zag black and white rug is genius. Too some this might be busy but if you really look at it from a design point of view it is done very well. Too busy for my own personal taste however I can tell there was a lot of thought put into this space and I can appreciate the talent that it took to do this room.

More turqouise with that great pop of green. This is just fun!

As much as I absolutely love the color combination here, this room is a bit contrived or predictable to me.  I think a touch of black is needed here. Something to shake it up a bit. What do you think?

I love this dining room. Notice how the touches of black and the dark wood table ground this room nicely.

Lots of pattern , green mixed with black and white.

What a fun contemporary nursery, looks like twins, two cribs!

Wedgwood China has a lovely pattern with the green and blue combination.

I really love this pop of bright kelly green and I actually have thought of a place to use it in my house, but more on that later.  I hope that you are starting to open your mind to new and different color combinations. Even if you never use them in your own home, it is a lot of fun playing with them and seeing what you can come up with. Find rooms in blogland that inspire you and save them in a file for later. You never know when it might come in handy for your next project in your home. What is your new "crush color?"

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Trying new color combinations