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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is It Too Early For,"SPRING FEVER!?"


Do you ever have one of those days where you look around, and everything in your home bothers you? I know that it is just a mood, because I truly love my home.

I also know that it is part of the season, you know right at the tail end of winter, and Spring is just around the corner.

During this time of year I want to open the windows, clear off all surfaces, and live with less visual clutter.

Obviously it is still too chilly to do that, but the desire is there, and therefore the frustration sets in.

I also made another observation! It think looking at Pinterest, and having so much visual stimulation is another part of this mood. Once I get off the computer, and see more visual stimulation it kind of unnerves me!

My home is pretty edited, but I understand when a person has looked at patterns, and rooms full of beautiful elements the eyes need a place to rest. That usually means no pattern, and very few elements around.

Realistically I will not be changing my homes d├ęcor, after all I truly love it, but there are a few things I would love to change that will not be happening this year.

I won’t drone on, and on about how I want my blue and white ticking striped sofa, if you have read my blog for any length of time you know that is on my wish list. This year we are getting a new bed so the sofa will have to wait for another year!

I am not one that likes to sit around, and stew about things like this. I will give myself about one day, and then I take the bull by the horns, and do something constructive.

That is where blogging is so helpful. I find I can sort out my ideas here with all you wonderful likeminded readers.

So, this is what I am thinking…. Time to look in each room and make a list of what I can realistically do this year. 

I am going to put on my designer hat, and pretend that I am a client, and see what advice I can come up with for myself. 

Room by room!! Step by step!! 

The other thing I think I need to do is get outside, and do a little Spring planting on my front porch. 

Being out in the fresh air with nature is always so healing for me. 

Tulips and hyacinths are at the nurseries already and they make me happy just seeing their beauty!

I think what I have is Spring Fever! Are you starting to feel the same way?


Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Looking forward to the season of change and rebirth!