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Sunday, November 25, 2012

To My Surprise The Decorating Has Begun!!

Yesterday was a day of rest for me after all the activity on Thanksgiving.

I thought this weekend would be a resting weekend for us, and then Monday morning we would start our Fa-la-laing and Deck our Halls!

But!!! I have a Christmas Elf that got busy while I was taking a nap…….

Doug putting on the lights 2012 001 (800x563)

Doug putting on the lights 2012 003 (800x628)

Doug putting on the lights 2012 004 (800x600)

I have to tell you this girl was one happy, and surprised lady!!

I think I might have even squealed with glee!!

For those of you who might not know I have chosen to use Stars, and Baskets in my Christmas decorating this year.

You can see a couple of the stars sitting on the mantel waiting to be placed!

Now for another surprise!!!
Thanksgiving Celebration 2012 055 (600x800)
The first Christmas basket has been placed!

Thanksgiving Celebration 2012 056 (600x800)
Here is a close-up!!

If you are interested in getting one, you can order it from Terrain HERE! 

They also have another style to choose from.

It has a hole in the top and the bottom, so technically it is a basket ring. It makes the tree stable by sitting on the floor not the bottom of a lumpy basket.

I guess it is time to get busy!?  

I have to add something here......

I like to."Enjoy the Process!" so I always try to stay cognicent of cherishing the sweet moments that come this time of year.

I am not running the Christmas Race!! I hope you all can remember to take a deep breath, and remember what this season represents, and enjoy your family,friends and home.

Remember to keep in mind we are celebrating the birth of Christ, and the gift of love that he represents. Every moment that passes by is a moment you can not get back, so make them count.

Now go enjoy your day, and remember to breathe deeply, and hum Christmas songs.......