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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Changes Around The House

There has been some moving, and shaking going on around our house this week.

My hubby decided to move out our entry table to my surprise to play with the design for our entry hall project. 

Just moving that little mirrored table out made the entry look much larger to my minds eye.

It also looks a bit bare now, but once the molding details go up it will look more complete. You can read about our design plans here........

He moved the mirrored table into the dining room and at first I thought I liked it, but as I stared at it more I realized it was not right for the space. 

I even moved out my black floor lamps because they did not work then I realized it did not go with my dining chairs, and it just felt like we plunked it there because we did not have a spot for it, not the look I was going for.

It is amazing to me how one misplaced piece of furniture can throw the whole house off. All of the sudden this one piece that did not look right colored how I felt about my whole living area. It no longer had a flow or looked like it had a purpose. This is not good at all.

So the musical tables began and then we had to play with various mirrors and pictures as well. I have to give Kudos to my patient husband for doing this for me.

I like the pieces in their new spots much better now. I do have plans for both areas down the line, but for now at least they look much better than they did.

The mirrored entry table is now the first piece of furniture you see as you enter our home. It now resides across from the kitchen. You can see the wall where our ship blue print use to hang. Notice I said use to hang because it is moving into my hubby's den/office today.

 It's reflective qualities are a definite plus...

I am going to enjoy putting flowers on this table, I can envision some tall blooming branches in the blue and white vase.

Because there is so much shine I also need to add a bit of texture so I am going to try out a natural wood lamp on the table, so there will be more trial and errors in the future.

Here is a picture of the wood lamps in our previous home. I think the texture will be a nice addition to all the shine of the table and the mirror.

The dining room wall now has the black floor lamps back with the Queen Anne lowboy, and one new addition, our sailboat oil painting. I like it for now, but I do have other plans for our next house project in the future.

I really do enjoy looking at this painting, it use to hang in our master bedroom.

The black floor lamps are not quite right but they don't shout out that they don't belong here. I require ambient lighting, and these two lamps are the first lights I turn on every morning.

Ideally I would love sconces in here , but that is another project as I said before.

For now this is how it will be and I can live with it, only a few more pictures to hang and my sweet hubby will be done for now. 

Let's face it, I am never done, always in process because that is how my mind works!!