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Friday, February 10, 2012

We Found A New BED!!


Yesterday’s shopping trip turned out to be successful. We looked at the French Maison bed first, because it was my first choice, and I was almost certain that it would work.

Wrong!! The finish was close, but too yellow so it would look like we tried to match, but missed. It is a beautiful bed if anyone is looking for that particular style and well made.

I eliminated the upholstered bed, it just did not feel like it would work for me in this particular room. I know aesthetically it would have been fine, but it just missed in my minds eye.

The plank bed was going to look way too massive, and create a horizontal line across the back wall, not the look I was going for.

I am beginning to sound like Goldilocks aren't I?

I realized after looking at the different finishes offered in most of the furniture that I would probably need to go for something entirely different, something a little darker.

Several of you had suggested going with a dark metal framed bed, but I personally don’t like metal beds, they look hard and uninviting to me, but I agreed with your design sense, it would aesthetically looked great.

I was  on my way to look at mattresses, and there it was!!! I heard angels sing, there was an aura around this bed!! Okay, not really but it did capture my interest.

I looked at the tag for the name, price etc. and there really was not much information on it. The salesman told us they had just put out this particular bed that very day, and they did not have all the information on it yet, nor the wood finished or fabric options.

Yes it has wood, and fabric!! Sounds good so far. I am going to show you a bed from Restoration Hardware that is very much like the one we plan on getting from Ethan Allen.

Now you will have to use your visual imagination………

The one we are looking at does not have the four posters, but the shape of the headboard, and foot-board are curved like this one, and it is about the same height.

We will have a choice in the wood color, and also in the fabric color.

Right now I am leaning towards a mocha colored wood, kind of a medium value color, which is the same color family that is the undertone in the distressing of my cream colored  night stands. It is the color that bleeds through, and is the color of the glazing as well on the cream pieces.

Right now my mind is telling me I need to do a cream inset linen in order to tie my existing nightstands, and armoire into the look.

With a mocha wood frame, and cream inset I would go with white bedding like I have now.

I would use less blue, and more white, and cream. I will only use blue as an accent, maybe in a pillow, not really sure right now.

The two styles of bed coverings I am looking at are a plain white diamond matelasse…….

I have also thought of the cream in the diamond matelasse. I ordered one in white for my son’s bed a couple of years ago from William Sonoma Home, but they no longer carry it, and Horchow only has it in a Queen. After a lot of looking I found a white one on eBay in a king size.

My other option would be a Hotel bedding like I already have with a sand/linen colored stitching which would pull the brown tone of the wood into the room nicely. I feel as if I need to have a touch of the sand/linen on the bedding to pull the wood bed frame into the scheme.

Another way of pulling the sand/linen color in would be with the shams.
I have loved a certain pillow sham for quite a while so I am thinking seriously about ordering  it. It is white with the mocha stitching in the embroidering.…….

 Bedding is from Horchow, it is their Essex collection.

I have loved this boxed style sham for a long time. I think it will work with an all white bedding, or a Hotel bedding. I also love the white bedspread like the linen one above, but it does not come in a king so I can not get that one, or I think I might like it for a change!

So that is where I stand right now, the order is ready to be placed as soon as the color options are sent and we got our mattress there and really was pleased with our selection. 

We finished the day off with a visit to Homegoods where we bought a mattress cover, and then went out for a nice dinner at our favorite Chinese food restaurant.

All and all I think it was a pretty nice day, plus I got to spend the whole day with my hubby, which is always a treat for me. I kind of like him!!!

Let me know what you think about bedding options I am always open to fresh eyes. Just keep in mind I want a fresh, soft, light, and airy feel. It also has to go with my existing pieces in the room.

To be perfectly honest I don’t like working for, “ME!” I am the worst client ever!!!

Thank you to all of you that chimed in on my last post. I really appreciate your input and I kept it in the back of my mind while looking. I love all my like-minded readers you all are just the best!!