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Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Snips From nature and French Perfume Join


What do you get when you add bits and pieces

 of Nature and French perfume together?



Having flowers in my home use to feel like an impossible luxury. The problem was my approach!!

I thought I had to have a plethora of beautiful, expensive blooms to have flowers in my home.

I have since learned that even a sprig of greenery in a small vase can add life to a room.

We all have access to small bits, and pieces of greenery in our lives so we can all add touches here and there throughout our homes.

Look around your home and see what fun little containers you might already have around the house.

Recently I purchased 3 fun pieces from France….
(Fleaing France website, HERE.) to use as containers for small bits and pieces of flowers/greenery.

French Perfume Lab Findings - Octagonal Bases

Image of French Perfume Lab Findings - Octagonal Bases

Vintage findings from an old French perfume laboratory.

Vintage footed beakers France stamped in raised glass on the octagonal bases.

Here are the reasons these little French pieces spoke to me:

1. My love of fragrances.

2. As a little girl my Dad brought home some beakers and  vials from his job and I use to mix up lotions and potions and pretend I was making French perfume.

3. My love of Paris and the amazing trip I had with my husband, where he bought me some French perfume from Guerlain that I love!


This is how I chose to use them in my kitchen. I just added three simple little daisies. Every time I look at these I smile.

I hope this changes your approach to adding some life to your home with greenery or flowers! 

It is so simple and to be honest I love the simplicity of simple little arrangements in a room vs. large overly done arrangements.

Let me leave you with one  more idea for inspiration……

bottles 010
Three simple sprigs of fern in some vintage medicine bottles on my kitchen window sill.


Now go, and look around your house for some spots you can place some small containers, and get outside and snip away!!

“Enjoy The Process!” Of:

Adding bits and pieces of nature to your home.

BTW: If you like gardens and French perfume, check out this blog post on The Buzz. She will introduce you to a new find in Paris!!