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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Happiest Flower I Know!


I dare you to look at a daffodil and not smile! I know I can’t!

Daffodils have to be the happiest flower around. They not only have become one of the symbols that Spring has arrived, but they add a happy feeling to any space they reside.

Source: 123rf.com via WANDA on Pinterest

I have several spots in my home where I have placed daffodils so today I thought I would make you smile by showing you the daffodils in my home……

Daffodils in my home...........

Daffodils 002 (600x800)

Daffodils 008 (800x600)
These four daffodils represent something near and dear to my heart.

Daffodils 009 (800x600)
These make me think of the men in my life, Doug, Matt, Mike and Marc!!! My husband and three sons!♥

Daffodils 010 (800x600)

Daffodils 003 (600x800)

Daffodils 004 (600x800)

Daffodils 006 (600x800)

Did they make you smile?
I told you so!!

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