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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Favorites and Last Minute Halloween Decorations

It is here HALLOWEEN so I thought I would share my very favorite decorations and for we last minute types a few last minute things you can do today to make your home festive.


Source: lhj.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Source: lhj.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

( I don't usually like scary, but I thought this was kind of cute/scary!)

If you haven't carved your Jack-o-Lantern yet, check out this brilliant idea! So much easier to get out the pumpkin mess, and also much easier to place the candle, or lighting device inside!

(I just did this on one of my white mini pumpkins and it works like a charm. I had to make the little pumpkin peeking out from under the lid!! Too cute to not try!!!)

I would like to introduce you to my, "Little Peek-A-Boo!"

Easy To Do Last Minute Ideas!

Capture a ghost in a jar or bottle!

A simple thing to cut out of black contact paper or construction paper. Just think of the surprise your guest will have!

If you need a little festive centerpiece last minute, this is an easy one to duplicate.

Door d├ęcor with things you have on hand!

For more ideas visit my Halloween board on Pinterest by going HERE!

I am wishing you all a safe and………

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Found My Kindred Spirit In Design!


Have you ever looked at a designer’s portfolio and thought, “ I could work with her/him easily?”

Since I am retired from doing design work for others, I know I won’t be hiring a designer, but if I did, I found one that I would hire.

I was reading a post on Chic Coles yesterday, and they did a blog post profiling Lynn Morgan. I immediately knew I had to go and check out her portfolio, and study her work.

Here is just a snippet of her design philosophy:

Lynn Morgan Design caters to the specific needs and tasted of each client. Lynn's design concept and philosophy for decorating is to have a clean, crisp, dramatic look with a touch of whimsy while maintaining a traditional approach. 

When asked to characterize her decorating style, Lynn states "That's a difficult question but I'd say my 'hallmark' is what I'd describe as refined simplicity with dashes of color and modernism- but sophisticated. Although I'd characterize my taste as traditional, I do have great appreciation for contemporary details, and what and how they contribute to the overall design effect."decorating is to have a clean, crisp, dramatic look with a touch of whimsy while maintaining a traditional approach. 

Just reading this sounded like ME! Especially the first paragraph, I have used those exact words to describe my design aesthetic.

I knew I was in for a treat when I  went looking through her portfolio.

As each picture came up I had to agree with what she had done for her clients. Her overall design concept is what I love.

Let’s take a look and see what it is that I love about her work……


This first picture had me at, “HELLO!” 

Simple elegance, well edited, black and white, everything I love.

She adds textural interest with shine in her mirror, lamp, and the bubble-orb on the table. There is also rough texture added by putting the fiddle leaf in a basket. I always love a good basket in a room.

Black and white is her base with a pop of color, she is using lavender where I would probably use blue for my own personal taste, but she is designing for her client, and they obviously love lavender. She is a wonderful designer that always keeps her clients in mind when executing a room.

The large scaled coffee table unites the room, and the display on top of the table is well edited.

There is nothing in this room I do not love.
Simple elegance again. Blue and white always is a classic in my book, and she chose to do it in a simple elegant manner.

There is a casualness added by using the large rectangular table. The table legs of the chairs, and the flooring are in a dark wood which help ground the room.

A simple but unusual iron chandelier was used, which adds that touch of black that I love so well.

There is elegant artwork framed in gold that adds to the elegance. But, before the room got to serious a sporty plaid rug was added to take it down a notch, and make it more approachable.

Again, there is nothing in this room I do not LOVE!

Dark floors with a striped rug always looks right. This kitchen is uncluttered, fresh, and crisp.

The touch of black is in the windows, and the light fixtures which are a very simple unassuming shape.

The interest is brought in with the metal, and wood barstools. A simple pop of color is added with natural elements of lemons, and flowers. How many times have I said to add natural elements in a room!?

There is a touch of life brought in with live plants, always a must in a room.

Lynn Morgan does not disappoint!
A bedroom with a soft blue, and white color scheme is always appealing to me. In my very own home this is my color choice for my master bedroom.(you can see it HERE!)

You have probably noticed that she uses patterns that are more linear, or geometric in design. This is right up my alley.

I am not a floral kind of gal when it comes to patterns, but will always have real flowers in a room.

 As you can see, most of her rooms will have real plants and flowers added to each room.

In these two images you can pick up immediately that it is probably a home by the water, or at least the homeowner loves the look of a beach home.

It is thematic in a simple tasteful manner without beating you over the head that it is a beach house.

Simple stripes are used for a casual feel with the addition of painted chippy furniture. Baskets are added for more texture.

The artwork is of sea-life, and the water, and yet it never becomes overdone or kitschy.

Lynn Morgan is my kind of designer.




I have to point out the horizontal stripe on the pillow which is repeated in the detail of the tailored skirt on the chair. Notice the basket!






I realize that design will always be subjective, but  for this California girl, Lynn Morgan is my kind of designer.

All of the above images are the designs of Lynn Morgan. If you would like to see more of her amazing work you can go to her website HERE!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Study In CHECKS!


I have been a long time fan of buffalo checks. In studying different images I discovered something about myself.

As much as I love the combination of a cobalt blue and white, or a black and white, I prefer a softer color pallete when it comes to checks.

I find it interesting that a person can love a pattern, but not always in every color, even when they truly love the color.

If you were to guess, I am sure you would have thought I would love a black and white check since in my own home that is a primary color combination.

As much as I love it on my floors I don’t care for it in a buffalo check that is used on furniture. I am attracted to it, but I know I could not live with its boldness in a piece of furniture.

This is a very important lesson to learn. Don’t just assume that if you like a pattern and you like a color you will enjoy it paired together.

It is very important to understand just how much visual stimulation you can handle.

I have copied images of checks in green, black, and cobalt blue, but after really studying them I realized I don’t think I could live with a piece of furniture in any of those colors.

I have seen a few greens that I might enjoy, but I would really have to live with the idea before I would take the  plunge.

You will notice that all of the images I posted today are a neutral color or a soft blue.

I have looked at, analyzed, lived with the idea of this pattern in these two colors long enough to know I could be quite comfortable in a room with either.

How about you all? Is there a pattern that you love in one, color but not in another color, even though you really like both colors?

You just never know! You might see a buffalo check in my home in the future. Of course it will be accompanied with a stripe!

Now I wonder which colors I will like when it comes to stripes? Hmmmmmm?