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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Embracing Fall!!

My last post was on what I will miss about summer. I listed what I would miss, but I am a believer of embracing each new day as well as each new season. With the changing of the seasons there always seems to bring on a new feeling of anticipation what is ahead of us.

When I think of fall I am reminded of how the air changes to a fresh crispness that let’s you know changes are about to take place. From my kitchen window I have a view of a maple tree. I begin to notice the change in it’s color and how the leaves slowly drift to the ground below.

I like to switch things up a bit in my home for the upcoming fall. I find that I gravitate toward a warmer and cozier feel. I have had many of my clients ask me, “When exactly do you start changing to your Fall look?” I had to stop and think about that one. I decided to observe my personal behavior to get a clue to when I feel the need to change things out.

What I noticed was the first thing I start doing is pulling out more votive candles at night. It almost becomes somewhat of a candle lighting ceremony. I happily go throughout my living area humming and lighting my votives displayed on my mantel. I finally correlated it with the start of football season. From that point on I slowly start bringing in more of my black accessories, throws and candles.

I have a friend that actually does her changes by the calendar. She makes sure her Fall changes are done for the first official day of Fall (it is Friday Sept. 23rd)!! She is highly organized and is more of rule follower than myself. I just go with my feelings!!
When do you feel the urge to bring in the warmth and comfort to your own home?  What are the signs that make you start making your own changes in your home?
Whenever you decide to start to make your Fall transformation, remember………..

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Embracing all that Fall has to offer!