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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am so sorry I have taken so long to get pictures posted of my porch! First, I had to finish a few projects like the trim on the lampshade and pot the palm. Then, it rained for three days. I went to take pictures and there was this funny glare on my lens. I'm not sure what is going on there. I am not a photographer and I have a horrible time getting a good picture. One other thing I have learned through all of this is…. Now I am nervous to show you with all the hype and post I did on it! I hope you all are not disappointed in the outcome. Don’t get me wrong I love, love it and enjoy having my coffee out there every sunny morning with my feet propped up on my cute little Greek Key stool. Soooooo here it goes, My Porch………

This picture shows my little suburban Californian ranch. Can you see how adorable a black and white striped awning would look on my bay window? I know my mind never stops designing. It is always on the move. Next is a closer look…….
finished porch 015 (800x600)
Ta-Da!! this is where I sit and have my morning coffee and prayer time. I listen to the little fountain and the birds singing bright and early. The sun rises in front of my house so it stays nice and cozy in that little corner. My favorite thing to do is to turn on the sprinklers and listen to them and watch as they water the lawn. It is always the simple things that bring so much pleasure isn't it? I will show you more pictures from different angles. I hope  you don’t mind………
finished porch 014 (800x600)
Notice the mirror, it use to be oval. I found this one at Home Depot for $37. It was a perfect style to go with the stripes. I found the Greek Key Stool at Big Lot’s for $45, and after its makeover I was one happy girl!! You can read about the stool here.
finished porch 018 (800x719)
This gives you a better idea of the size of the curtain. It is a 54” width and I shirred it on the rod to about 30”. It actually gives me just the right amount of coverage to avoid the morning sun, but I can still see out to my yard.
finished porch 020 (800x714)
Here you can see my wall planter. I bought this years ago at Tuesday Morning for $50. I had it for a couple of years before I actually hung it. I could not decide whether to have it in the front or the back. After the house was painted yellow and I added the black trim it was the perfect thing to put right next to the door. You will notice all my flowers are pinks, white and purples. I use these colors in the Spring and add a little more blue with Lobelia in the summer.
finished porch 023 (800x600)
finished porch 024 (800x600)
You can see the design in the footstool really well from this angle. Notice the trim I put on the lamp. It is a chain pattern of circles which mimics the circle pattern at the corner of the foot stool. For those of you that have asked about the fern that thinks it is an octopus, it is called a Meyer fern or foxtail fern. It is in the asparagus fern family and extremely hardy. It has been in this spot for 30 yrs and I do nothing to it but pull out the dead branches and water it. So easy to grow. It measures 7.5 ft in diameter so it is rather large to say the least- Crazy fern!!
The lampshade has a reverse print on it so it looks pretty cool at night.Here is a picture right when the sun is going down for the day………
porch 008 (800x600)
That is my finished front porch except for one more detail. I ordered the round boxed custom cushions in black with the cream cord welting. I can hardly wait to get them. I think it is really going to look sharp. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my porch makeover, finally DONE!! You all are so patient, even you Julienne!! You are all the best!!
 I so appreciate all of your continued reading and support of my blog. I love reading your comments and I can not believe how many new bloggie buddies I now have. I know there is talk of competition and some mean comments in blog land, but I have been so fortunate on my journey in blog land. I have had only welcoming and kind bloggers visit my blog. So when I say you are all the BEST!! I truly mean it.
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Sharing a finished project with bloggie buddies.