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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

She Is Up And She Is Sparkling!!


"Lighting For Our Little Hallway!"

Many of you have been following along our journey in our new home and have seen some of the changes we have made already and some changes we have for the future.

Lighting is very important to me and I think it can make or break a room. It is kind of like the beautiful necklace on an outfit, when done well, it completes the picture.

 Recently we added new lighting to our entry hall, sconces over the fireplace and today's most recent lighting addition was the little hallway leading into our master bedroom. All of the above lights can be seen from the vantage point of our great room.

Let me show you the wall that the little hallway shares....

This picture was taken before any of our molding was added.As you can see it shares the entire fireplace and TV niche wall so it has to marry well to all the lighting in this room. On the left of this entry and down a bit you can also see the entry lighting....

Twin lighting

Here is a collage of the lighting I planned on using together. I find it helps to put it all together in a collage to see how the mix works....

 You will notice a chandelier at the end, this is a possible choice in our next lighting project in our dining area, which also can be seen with all the other lighting.

Another choice is a lantern I have been looking at for several years. Still not sure which one will be the final choice until I finalize the design of our dining area.

So Why Am I Telling You ALL Of This?
I am telling you all of this information so you will realize the design process is never about just one area, or one element, but it is a whole picture, and how the elements in the room marry to each other. This is why I spend a great deal of time planning before I ever pull the trigger on an important purchase.

Now back to our little hallway.........

 Here are the openings cased in molding. We still have to add a frame molding in the TV niche.

The pendant lighting I chose was on a 3 month back order, but I am a patient lady, and I knew it was what that small hall needed. It actually arrived a little early and today my hubby began the process of installing it...


I wish you all could see her in person. She is stunning and the Halophane glass globe just sparkles whether she is on or not, and that globe weighs a ton. 
I think I am in love!!!

As a frame of reference the pendant is 13w X18h.

Hubby was concerned it would be too large, but I reassured him you have to use the perspective from the sofa that includes the entire wall, not just the little hallway. 

If I had used the little hallways measurements as my guideline/perspective I would not have chosen this large of a fixture, but it is visually part of a larger expanse of space.

So there you have it!!! In all her glory. Yes, my lights have a gender. If you were wondering, her twin brothers are in the entry hall!!!