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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In The Pink For Christmas!!

Pink is not the first color you think of when you hear the word Christmas decorations, is it? Pink is usually associated with a more feminine or frou-frou look.

I was amazed at how many ideas there are to use the color pink. Some are a bit frou-frou for me, but they are still quite pretty.

Pink is a color that can also be mixed with other Christmas colors. Yes-Even red and green.

Let me show you some fun images that might inspire you to use a little pink in your Christmas decor this year.

4 (313x400)
I think this image shows how you can keep it festive using pink with reds and even turquoise. When it is done right it is so pretty!!

2 (320x400)
A pink tree is not for everyone I will admit, but keeping the color pallete tight by using gold and silver accents it can be sophisticated.

5 (300x400)
A bit over the top for most people, including me. Yet, I love the use of white and silver and could see using some of the elements. The pretty packages, especially the pink one with see through fabric with twinkly lights inside could be show stoppers if done right. I also like the over-sized white snowflakes hanging in the window.

6 (360x460)
A fun pink and purple mix with gold accents. I love all the clocks on the trees. Clocks are a theme I have on my tree also.

3 (313x400)
Old silver pedestal pieces stacked with pretty pink ornaments inside.

8 (400x300)
Curly willow branches in a urn to make a massive arrangement full of pinks and white and glittery ornaments. When elements are done in mass like this it makes a big statement piece. Remember my theory for Christmas decorations: Over the top or simple!!

11 (360x460)
Talk about simple!  A simple pink beaded garland on the bed with a ironstone bowl of pink ornaments. No big statement here just quiet elegance.

15 (300x300)
This is so pretty. A simple silver tray with bright pink balls scattered about. I am seeing a recurring theme as I am writing this post. Pink looks really elegant when paired with silver.

9 (639x536)
Pretty and pink and look how simple this is !!

12 (300x214)
By mixing pink with red and fresh greenery you have a wonderful Christmas vignette.

16 (300x400)
Just a touch of pink and there is it’s perfect partner, candlelight on a silver tray.

1 (313x400)
I love the silver vases with the pink flowers in them. Notice the napkins are being used for place mats.

14 (300x400) 
A few simple pink packages and a little greenery and you now have a Christmas display!

16 (400x400)

So even if your name is not Barbie you can still have pink in your Christmas!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Adding a little pink to your Christmas this year!!


Holiday Hint:

If you would like to add pink to your Christmas decor start out simple by just adding some pink ornaments to your tree.

Pink will stay sophisticated and not frou-frou when paired with silver or gold.

If pink won't work on your tree choose one room in your home to focus on this pretty color!