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Sunday, July 4, 2010

While Thriftying I ran Across A Few Things!!

I know that there are sooooo many out in blog land that love to go thrifting. My friend Deb at Confessions of a Plate Addict is a master at this process. I like that she calls it, “Good-will Hunting.”  She makes me laugh all the time with her wonderful sense of humor and darling Southern accent.

I love to go thrifting but I must admit I am a mood shopper and I have to be in the mood for the hunt. When I am in the mood I do have a good time. I have picked up a few treasures in the past and since I just did the post on Carolyne Roehm’s Tag sale I thought I would share a few of the treasures I have picked up.

GW treasures 002

The white ironstone platter is a medium size and I bought two of them. I use them all the time, they are the perfect size. The jade green bud vase which has a lot of blue in the green was originally from Gump’s in San Francisco, it still has the tag on it. I use this in my guest room, it is the perfect color for that room.  The black candle holder is very old and I think it is actually part of a set. You remember how they use to have the clock and the two pieces on each side that matched the clock. I decided it would make a great candle holder for my winter look.

los altos 
There is an affluent area in Northern Calif., Los Altos they call their Goodwill GW’s and that is exactly what is on the sign. I remember going in thinking it was a boutique and as I walked back further and saw some of the signage used inside I realized I was in an up-scale Goodwill so ever since I decided I would refer to it as GW’s.

consignment and thrift store finds 001
I love this small little picture. The glass is domed and it has little brass balls around the glass. I just fell in love with it. I have placed it in a vignette on a wall next to my bathroom, you can see the bathroom here.

white milk glass rose bowl 003
This last piece is a milk glass rose bowl that I purchased at a thrift store. I love the way it holds roses or in this case Alstomeria. It forms a perfect round bunch. It is sitting on a piece of Carrera marble circle that I use frequently when I serve cheese. These are just a few of my  little treasures. I am usually pretty selective in my buying. I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt!! Do you?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Treasure hunting at Thrift stores, Flea markets, Garage/Tag sales!!

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