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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cool Mint

I did a post a few days ago about adding pastels to my wardrobe. I am usually more of a medium value gal when it comes to colors, but I like to try something new once in awhile.

After doing that post, and researching what pastels would work in my wardrobe, mint green stood out as a good addition to my existing wardrobe.

I use to wear this color in the late 80’s and it was a favorite back in the day.

(my jacket was almost identical to this one, I should have kept it!)

I went looking for a mint sweater, and I found one at JCrew.

I already have a few things to wear with this new addition to my wardrobe.

While perusing JCrew I found a few things that were pretty cute, and reasonable that were on clearance……

Bracelets are all the rage, and the more the better. I thought this was so pretty for $24.95.

This would go perfect with so many things in my wardrobe, and at $14.50 it is a real steal. They had a necklace in the same style also, but I would not wear both at the same time, one or the other, never both.

At $26.50 these would be darling for the summer. I can see these with a long maxi dress for a barbecue.

 An all white outfit:  white jeans, and white shirt, these earrings and multiple gold chains for a necklace, cute sandals, and you are good to go!!

I just thought I would share a few things I saw that are on sale right now that seem like a pretty good deal to me.

This seems to be a good time of year to take advantage of some of the sales that are going on right now.

I passed on the jewelry, but the sweater is on its way to ME!!!

I will be wearing it like this: 

BTW: did you notice I threw in some images of rooms done in mint? I don’t want to disappoint my readers that come here to see pretty rooms! Do any of you wear mint, or have it in your homes?

"Enjoy the Process!" Of:

Adding a new fun color for the season!