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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Some Christmas Progress Around The House

We are making a little bit of progress around our house! Nothing earth shattering, but little bits, and pieces of Christmas are starting to emerge.

We have a good all white base going on the mantel……..

Chritstmas mantel trial 002 (800x422)
The lanterns are in place!! All the white pillar candles are lined up.

The unadorned garland has all  of it's white twinkly lights, and the star is the “STAR” of the mantel!

Doug putting on the lights 2012 003 (800x628)
The tree lights are all aglow, and the tree is waiting for its star!!

Chritstmas mantel trial 005 (800x411)
There it is!! ***THE STAR***!!!

Chritstmas mantel trial 024 (800x600)
***There are more stars to be hung!***

Chritstmas mantel trial 028 (615x800)
Now it is all aglow! Look at how the tree is reflecting in the glass of the picture!! Double star vision!!

Thanks to my Christmas elf my stars are all aglow, and I must say this girl is quite content right now!!!

So much more to do, but we have plenty of time to get the important things done. I am going to hum along and …….
“Enjoy the Process!”