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Friday, June 29, 2018

My Summer Decorating Continues With Some Sparkle!

My summer decorating has continued and I am pretty happy with it all so far. 

There is one exception though and that is my dining room, but to be honest what I have done will do until we can DO what I really would like to do in there. More on that on another day!

Today let's talk about what I have done. Last report to you all was all about my pillows, which I am in love with.....

I couldn't be happier with the cool, crisp look of our room for the hot days of summer.

There is an area below our TV where I have a  3ft. long nickel plate tray sitting and it has 3 clear glass bubble balls sitting on it. I got this years ago at Restoration Hardware, so I am not sure they still carry it.

I decided that this tray needed some more glass balls/fish floats.

Luckily a nice reader told me that Pottery Barn had just what I was looking for so that very same day I ordered 2 sets of 3 balls. I think I might need one more set though.

They actually came with two blue and one clear.

The table is 5 ft. long and the tray is 39 in. long just to give you a frame of reference. You know one of my decorating mantras is BIG is better and this tray definitely falls into that category!

 I think a few more balls might be in my future. I just sit and stare at these sparkly spheres. I love them especially when the afternoon sun comes in the windows.

I am really happy with the outcome!!

Every room needs a touch of sparkle! 
Remember vary your textures to keep the room interesting.

Next I am looking for a stack of baskets for a bit more texture in my room. I will place them next to the black and white spool chair.

A decorators work is never done, and this one is still going to continue to.....


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How To Know When It's Just TOO MUCH In A Room!!


First I have to say this, "Design Is And Will Always BE SUBJECTIVE!" What is just right for one is not enough, or maybe too much for another. 

Throughout this post you will see images that are pleasing to me that represent my design aesthetic. These are images I have on my pinterest boards and some are years old.

To be honest there is a lot of trial and error involved until you come up with the perfect formula and outcome for your own personality.

I have always been a less is more girl and big is better in my book of tricks, but that look is not for everyone and I realize that.

It is important to know just how far you can push the envelope. Since I was a consultant for many years and tend to be very analytical I am very in tune with what works for me, and also spent a great deal of time with my clients to get a true feel of what they truly loved and needed. I would always try to stay true to who they were. After all it was their home, not mine.

There is one little test that I call, "The Morning Test," that has proven to work for most people. This is how it works.

When you are rearranging, or maybe you just purchased a new piece that you are trying to incorporate in your room, place the new piece where you think it works.

Sleep on it and when you wake up, first thing the next morning how does it feel to you? If it feels perfect then you will be able to live with it for years to come, but if you have to analyze it, talk yourself into it, DON'T do it. It will just become a costly mistake in the long run.

I find it is so much easier to see things clearly first thing in the morning when you are fresh and your mind is not cluttered with the details of the day. 

As the day wears on we will tend to over think and analyze situations and that does not always make for the best outcome.

Something else I always recommend when adding or changing accessories in a room is to take everything out of the room except for the main pieces and start by layering in the biggest pieces  first and then layer in  the smaller pieces last.

If you find that you have to change everything that you already love to make one piece work, chances are, that ONE PIECE is your problem child and it needs to be eliminated.

I hope some of these little tips might help you out when you decide you want to add or rearrange things in your home. They sure have helped me and my clients over the years.

Happy Decorating! And Remember......


Friday, June 22, 2018

10 Ways To Make An All White Summer Outfit Work

With the onset of hot summer weather my mind goes to dressing cooler. One look that I have always loved to wear and also I admire when I see others wear it is all white.

Sounds like an easy peasy combination and it truly is, however there is a method to wearing all white. Let's take a look at some of the outfits I have pinned over the years and dissect them.

This is simple and classic. Notice the close to the body fit of the t-shirt and the flair of the pants. Another thing to notice is the natural cognac leather belt and purse.

Loose classic white blouse with slim fitting ankle length pants. Simple classic accessories are used here. Nothing shouts out, "Look at me!" Simple and classic. 

This looks like a very light woven sweater which gives the all white outfit some texture. In this outfit you can see that the necklace is a standout piece, in fact the only stand out piece in this classic combination.

 Graphic t-shirts are totally on trend this year. Notice her shoes pick up the color in the writing on the t-shirt and she chose to wear no belt. Love the gingham bag. I think this is actually just a shopping back but a fun tote bag in a simple gingham would be fun. I would like to duplicate this look for myself.

 This one image has been on my pinterest board for a very long time. In fact it rates right at the top of being one of my favorites. 

I am not one that enjoys wearing a scarf when it is hot, but at the beach it might be a welcomed addition. I have been reading that leopard is the IT pattern for summer this year. I always have associated it for winter.

Again, you will notice simple natural colored leather belt and sandals.

 Simple, all white and the only addition of color are the simple velvet sneakers. Notice the jacket is almost a tuxedo looking type jacket in all white. I know if I saw this girl walking down the street I would take a double take because she is so classic and stylish looking.

A simple sleeveless mock turtle neck knit dress with a natural colored bag and belt. She chose to wear what appears to be a silver simple sandal which duplicates the silver hardware on her bag and belt.

10 Ways To Make An All White Outfit Work........

1. natural colored leather accessories

2. Loose on top, tight on bottom

3. Simple classic accessories

4. If wearing jewelry you can make one piece a standout.

5. Try a graphic white t-shirt with an all white outfit. Make the t-shirt the standout.

6. Add a little leopard to an all white outfit with natural leather shoes and belt.

7. Wear an unexpected shoe style such as a sneaker in a soft hue and texture like a blush velvet when one piece of your white outfit is a bit fancier like a tuxedo type jacket.

8. When wearing a simple silhouette white dress add a natural cognac colored belt with interest at the waist or even hung a bit lower towards the hip line.

9. Add a touch of metallic in your shoe that will echo the metals in your purse, watch etc. while still keeping your purse leather a natural color like cognac.

10. If you choose to wear a standout piece in an all white outfit, limit it to one piece. When wearing all white and keeping it classic remember there can only be one star.

Shopping for......


(on sale right now!)
This tshirt is so soft and well fitting. I bought 2!

White Jeans

I like to wear Ralph Lauren white jeans because they always seem to fit me. I also have some from Talbots that have worked out nicely for me.....

One bit of advice when getting white jeans, buy them a little tight because they always stretch out a bit and white jeans that are slim or straight should fit snugly to look fresh and current.


This belt is reversible, I like the navy and brown combination and it is real leather, which is important and it is on sale right now.

For more of a beachy look I really love this belt as well.......


Vince Camuta slides great looking for summer.

Wearing a touch of leopard in the summer can be done with these cute sandals. Simple, uncomplicated, they become your neutral in an all white outfit!


Remember if your top has volume to it keep your pants and shirt close to the body.

White Knit Dress


Most of what I have shown you today is very basic, but remember that is what will make a stand out classic all white outfit!! 

Have fun, shop your own closet and see what you might already have then make a list of what you will need to complete this look using the ten ideas I gave you!!