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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Tried and True Skin Care Products

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The look for this season is a dewy, fresh look. We all know the only way to have our make-up look good is to have a good base with healthy looking skin. Oh to look like this beautiful model.

I know a lot has to do with our genetics but I am a firm believer in always trying to improve myself, physically and mentally.

At almost 63 years of age I would say I have tried quite a few products over the years. Plus I am a product junky!!

New Haircut 009 (800x733)
I would say about every decade, or so there seems to be a remarkable change, not always a good one either.

I refuse to go down without a fight so I am always reading and trying new products. Below you will find a list of products that I have been very happy with some I have used for years, and others are new additions to my repertoire.

I recently have switched to a new cleanser……….
This cleanser is from France. 

It can be used on the face, and body. Safe for children or adults. Very gentle, and PH balanced, so perfect for dry, sensitive skin like mine.

I got  a sample to try first, and I loved it. I noticed my skin felt soft, and subtle after using it so I was sold. I immediately ordered a bottle………

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This gentle cleanser has calendula in it so it has a light fragrance. I really love this product. I use this in the shower every morning.

At night I like to use a natural oil by Lierac also from France. I discovered this while I was visiting Paris this last year…..

It is a natural product and the fragrance is amazing. I love how soft and moist it makes my skin feel before bedtime.


I love this exfoliator and use it once a week. It has very fine micro beads and it is gentle enough for my dry skin.


I was a long time Creme De La Mer user. I still think it is probably one of the best moisturizers on the market. The only problem is….. Along with how good it is, you will also pay a premium price.

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I must admit even after using it for years I tried to find something that made my skin feel, and look like it did when I used the La Mer, but something that cost less.

I read about a product that was only sold in France which was not available in the United States. I read some really good reports, and was very disappointed that I could not buy some to try.

Well thanks to  blogland I was reading  a blog post and the author mentioned this face cream from France that could be purchased by a company here in the states that imports it.

The only slight downfall is it take about 3 weeks to get, but it is worth the wait, trust me!!

Source: frenchcosmeticsforless.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

I can not say enough about this wonderful moisturizer. It has really made  a difference in my skin. I feel that my skin feels moist all day long, and the texture of my skin is smoother.  They also make a night cream, but I have used this for nighttime as well.

For under $50 this product is worth every penny. The other upside is it only cost about 1/5th of what the La Mer was costing me.


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I love Neutrogena products and I swear by them. I have used this sunscreen for years, and it works for me very well. I also like that it is dry-touch, not sticky feeling.

After I do my make-up I always give my face a spritz of this product. I have used it for years. It smells heavenly. A little extra moisture for dry skin is always a welcomed addition. This sets my make-up and helps give me a dewy look.

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Source: drugstore.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest
Neutrogena Rain bath is another product I have used for years. I love the light sesame fragrance. For summer the refreshing grapefruit or pomegranate is also very nice. This product leaves my skin soft, and keeps it from getting dry.


I  recently switched to no fragrance Cetaphil. I find it emollient, and if I choose to add fragrance to it I just put a spritz of perfume in my hand, and then add the Cetaphil.

So there you have it!! If you would like to read more from other bloggers about what skin care products they have found to be tried and true please go over to my friend Libby Wilkie's blog, "An Eye For Detail!"

Libby has asked myself and four other bloggers to participate in her blog post on skin care products. I can't wait to see what others are using. Who knows maybe I will find something new to try!!

Please leave a comment about any products that you have found to be tried and true! Love to hear all about what others use!

Come back through out the week! I will be writing more about make-up and hair products! 

I just found out my friend Tina at The Enchanted Home blog is doing one of her fun CHOICE post on...
Which beauty product would you choose if you could only choose one!? I chose my moisturizer and lip gloss, hands down!!  Be sure to go visit her and let her know Kathysue sent you over!