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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do You Have A Name For Your Design Aesthetics?


  I Do! and you can too, just keep reading on to find out how I came up with the words to describe my design aesthetics.


Do you usually think of Simple, or Understated when you think of Elegance?

If you have read my blog for very long you will read the term, Simple Elegance or Understated Elegance allot.

I thought I would define what that means to me and show you some examples of what it looks like. Of course this is just my opinion, but it is a look that I am always trying to achieve in my own home.
When we think of simple we don’t usually think of elegant.

Simple means: having few parts or features; not complicated or involved

Elegant means: luxurious or opulent in a restrained, tasteful manner.

You will notice that both definitions have something in common, restraint, uncomplicated, tasteful. I think these are the words that best describe what
 Simple- Understated- Elegance means to me.

I am going to show you some images of rooms that display Simple-Understated-Elegance. I understand that design will always be subjective, but I also feel that it is important to understand what types of design and why we are drawn to a particular look.

The look I feel most drawn too looks like the following images:

This first image has a wonderful simple design in its straight lined furniture pieces, and yet it has a soft elegance to the room by having a soft curve to the upholstered pieces. 

It also has beautifully framed windows, and millwork. The  sophisticated artwork also adds to the elegant feel in the room. This room has a serene feel to me. How does it make you feel?

A lovely little nook. Simple? Yes! Elegant? Yes!!
Simple in its uncomplicated straight, and simple lines and colors. Elegant with its oval window with curved grill work, and the beautiful, traditional brass sconces. Simple Elegance at its best.

This works space has a rough hewn desk and natural finished floors. How could this possibly be elegant? 

Look at the windows, the curve of the simple chair, the lovely vase of flowers. The soft lavender colors also add to the elegance in this image. Soft, subtle, simple, understated elegance.

his room has a simple, and casual elegance. The table, and chairs have simple lines as do the two matching chest on each side of the fireplace.

 A plaid rug will always have a simple and casual feel, so what are the elegant elements in this room?  Look at the mill work, simple straight lines, but it offers up a bit of elegance.

 Notice the mirror frames, they definitely give a nod to elegance. The chandelier has beautiful elegant curves. This room has the best of both worlds, Simple- Understated- Elegance!!

Checks, rough hewn beams, the coffee table all very casual in feel. The gentle curve of the settee and the stately curve of the wing back chairs give this room its feel of understated elegance.

 The jewelry of the room, the chandelier, is graceful and elegant in its design.

The Conclusion:
You will notice a common thread throughout each  of the rooms description I have given you.

As I am diagnosing each room I am learning something about my own design aesthetics.

  • I like straight lined mill work with a nod to the past. I want my walls, and windows and doors to have some kind of mill work. 

  • My furniture pieces need to have clean, simple and sometimes curved lines. 

My elegant elements will be brought in with the lighting and mirrors. Fabrics will need to be solid or simple lines such as checks or stripes. 

What You Can Do To find your own definition:
    Are you learning anything about what you require in your own rooms to make them perfect for your own design aesthetics?

    It helps to define your style, give it a name like I did.
    Make it  two-three words that define it.

     Now go  look for rooms that visually describe those words. Make a collage.

     Pinterest is a great place to do this. Step back, look at your collage, and analyze the elements in each room that you like. 

    You will start to see a pattern, just like I did in describing each of the above images.

    If you had to describe your design style in 2-3 words what would your words  be?

    “Enjoy the Process!” Of:

    Defining your Design aesthetics and giving it a name!


    If you would like to see more of what I consider Simple Elegance you can go to my Pinboard HERE!