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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What COLOR Are YOU??

I am " GREEN!"

We all know color is subjective.  I thought it would be fun to take a little test to determine what color "We" are.  I took the test and it said I am " Green."  What does that mean?  Well, according to the test it means, " You are a very calm and contemplative person.  Others are drawn to your peaceful, nuturing, nature."  Seriously, I did not make this stuff up.  Here is the web site so you can go and take the test yourself.  http://www.quizmeme.com/
 I know it is just for fun but sometimes they come very close to being right.  One of my dear friends took the test and fouond out that she was blue. It described her perfectly.  Take the test and  let me know what color you are?  Since I am " Green", how would you like to see some green rooms?  Green is a color that does make me feel peaceful.  It is the color of nature and springtime.  Green is a color that is used in my home repeatedly.  The main color in my kitchen and dinette are green as you can see in the above picture.  I love almost all shades of green, however, there are a few that I do not find suitable for decorating in my own personal home. The following rooms, are all rooms that I would love to live in.

No surprise here.  Lime, black and white!  Love it!

Just a hint of green in this room makes it fresh and cheerful.


Notice in this room there are several different greens but they all work well together. I read a long time ago, that all greens will go together.  I have not proved that point but I find the concept interesting.

Very Soothing

Time for an afternoon nap.

Fresh and Fun

I am ready to move in.  I love the sloped bottom of the chair.  Notice the casters on the legs. They added an interesting piece of iron work next to the window.  This room is Perfection!

This might be bright for most, but I love this room done by Sarah Richardson, one of my favorite designers on TV.

Fresh, Open and Airy.  Three of my favorite adjectives to use in describing a room.

I would love to sit and read in this room. What great light.

This is just wonderful.  I know the green looks a bit bright but I think it is more a lighting issue than the actual color of green.  I love the soft taupe and white with the pop of green and no other colors.

I hope you let me know what color you are!!

"Enjoy the Process", Of:  Finding what COLOR You are!