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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


#26231 Clip Art Graphic Of A Sick Desktop Computer Cartoon Character With A Virus Sitting With A Pack On His Head And A Thermometer In His Mouth by toons4biz
I’ve got the fever!! Not that kind of fever but Spring Fever. Do you? I find my mind spinning from one project to the next. I wish I had some of Santa’s elves to get them all done. Seriously for some reason, (it just might be blogging, you think?), I want to do more and more things around the house. Not big projects, but little things that I have put on the back burner forever. I find I am going from the inside of my house to the outside back to the inside and then to my wardrobe and make-up,Yikes!!

I really need to quit looking at the DIY blogs. It is actually making me think I can spray paint and, trust me, I can not. I know that sounds lame, but I am a  horrible painter. I am the girl with the vision not the "doer."  When I say, “ I know what WE can do!” my hubby retorts with, “ Where is the YOU in WE?” Sound familiar? He does have a point!

So far I have worked on and finished my front porch. I have now gone into the living room and tried my hand at refinishing and recovering an antique rocker and spray painting two very ornate gold frames in a high gloss white. If they turn out I promise to do a post. I have gone from the front yard to the back yard to plant flowers. Now, I am thinking about cushions for the back yard, Yikes!! It makes me tired just thinking about it.

So I was just wondering whether or not you have , “The Fever?”  Sorry! I know you are humming the song aren’t you? " FEVER, in the morning Fever in the noon day light, Fever!, I’ve got the fever,hmmm, hmmm through the night." I know now you will be humming all day!!
What are the symptoms that you have from getting ,”Spring Fever?”
“ Enjoy the Process” Of: The craziness of Spring Fever!!