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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are You Comfortable Mixing Design Styles?


Is it possible for a Traditionalist  to really like modern pieces, and make them work in their home? Two styles at the opposite ends of the spectrum, how can this work?!

This is the question that I wanted to pose in today’s blog post after reading Joni’s post the other day on the evolution of Sally Wheat’s lovely home. 

It shows the evolution of a designers style, and how she ends up with a room that reflects her true design aesthetics.

Sally Wheat’s Living Room

What struck me when reading this post is:

How many of us have loved a particular element, but will only  look at it from afar,thinking that it could never fit in our personal design aesthetic?

It made me realize I need to revisit some of the more contemporary pieces I have loved with more of an open mind.


If we love a piece that we think won’t work in our existing home décor , what should we do about it?


1.  Gather images of pieces that you have loved for a
      long time that you have dismissed because you
      think they would not work in your existing design.

2.  Look at the shape, and the material in the piece to
     see if it has any common ground with existing
     finishes or shapes in your home.
 3.  Think about where the piece  would fulfill a need.

4.  Look at your existing pieces to see which ones
     could be  replaced by the new piece.


I thought I would show you a piece that is contemporary that I have looked at from afar.  I really like  these two pieces even though my home is more on the traditional side…………

Source: cb2.com via Kathy Sue on Pinterest

Each of the above coffee tables are contemporary in their lines. I have looked at the CB2 table for a few years, and continue to gravitate towards it for my living room. 

I have plans for a seating area in my living room with four chairs around a round coffee table. Both of the above tables would fulfill a need for that room.

The Carrera top would be a perfect tie-in with the marble entry floor that I now have……..

I would change out the silver base of the table for an antiqued gold finish as in the first image.

The antique gold finish would go with the existing sconces that are in the room.

This  contemporary table could work on every level:

1.  Love the  round shape and clean lines of these
     contemporary pieces.
2.  They both would fulfill the need for a coffee table
      in my plans for my living room.

3. The finishes are a good tie-in too my existing décor
    that I plan on keeping.

Lesson Learned:

  • By keeping an open mind when looking at “All” good design a whole new world can open up for you!

  • Do you have a piece in the back of your mind that you love, but have always felt would not work for one reason or the other in your existing home?

Maybe it is time for you to revisit it with fresh eyes!