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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Is On Your "SOMEDAY" List?

Do you all make lists?  I do.  Sometimes I make them on paper or in a journal and other times just in my head.  I have two types of lists, a "Someday List" which is a list of things that are attainable.  The "Wish List,"  contains things that I probably will never have due too money issues, circumstances but I still like to dream about them.  

 I am very patient and will wait for a "Someday" for a really long time. I have always loved black and white checked floors, and they were on my "Someday" list for a long time. After being in my home over twenty-five years, I actually now have one.

 I would rather wait for a really long time for what I truly want, than to just get something to fill in an area.  I will share my "Someday List" with you, and keep it to my top seven.  Attached to my  "Someday List" are inspiration pictures. I can see the picture in my head, but the visual is a good reminder and it also helps Hubby see what I have in mind. I also hope that it inspires you.

"My Someday List"

A faux fireplace and bookcases for living room
This is obviously a room under construction. I like the fact that there are no distractions,just the bare bones of the fireplace surrounded by bookcases.  My room is no where close to being this large but the basic concept is something that is very appealing to me. The beamed ceiling is wonderful. Notice how wide the door casing is that leads into this room. Love that affect. Oh my! they even have a transom window above the French doors. I'm sorry , I got carried away. Now back to my list.

I am keeping my eyes open on treasure hunting trips for an older mantle to work around. This is a gorgeous marble beauty. I also like the moulding that has been applied to the sides. Very interesting.

I like the way the lower doors in the wall cabinet flow into the design of the wainscotting in this room. I also want wainscotting to be incorporated. This is my entry hall wainscotting, as you can see below. I think it would have a nice flow if it were also in the living room.

Love the sconces here. They have a nice traditonal line to them with a touch of black. My favorite combination, black and white!

Two sofas facing one another in front of fireplace in my familyroom

I know there is no fireplace in this picture, but I have also thought of a day bed to divide the room. The vote is still out on that.

A beautiful picture from Elle Decor Magazine.  Now we are talking.

Two chairs to divide the room are most likely what I will do.  I think that will give us more seating possibilities.

I love everything about this room.  Of course the two french doors with the amazing view might be swaying me, just a little. I am also drawn to the piece of art above the mantle. It gives a window affect, like you are looking out to some beautiful scenery.  Notice how the dark ottoman grounds the room.   This room has it all, texture, color, contrast, light,fresh flowers and ferns. Pretty close to Perfection for this girl!

Hardwood Floor running down the hallway to match existing floor in my kitchen and familyroom

This is not my hallway but it is very long like mine. My hallway is 29ft long and all of the bedrooms are running off of it. My uncle said," This isn't it a hallway it is a dormitory."  It gets the most wear and tear so carpet just does not hold up that well. In a narrow hallway I would run the boards horizontally to widen the look of the hallway. I think it would look quite nice to continue the wainscotting from the entry down this hall. Oh my! Poor Hubby! He has so much work ahead of him. Like I said I am willing to wait for my "Somedays"

French doors in master bed

 This is the actual window in my master bedroom that I would love to replace with a French door. Don't you think it would look perfect here?  Now we just have to convince Hubby. The more I look at the pictures below the more I think I reallllllllly need a French door!

Now don't you think this look would be perfect for my master bedroom?

I don't want the black shuttered doors but I think this door is interesting in this room

White tile countertops in Kitchen with Carrara marble backsplash

Am I the only girl around that actually wants a new white tile countertop in her kitchen?  Yes, you heard right, I want tile. I love its durability ,textural interest and fresh look. With the counter I would like a carrera marble back splash.  If truth be known I would really love a carrara marble countertop but I have read a lot about having carrara. Everything I read says it stains too easily and I really use my kitchen a lot.  I don't want to worry about maintenance. If there is anyone out there in blogland that reallllly uses their kitchen a lot and you have the carrera marble counters please let me know.  I would love to be convinced!!!

Four matching chairs facing eachother in the living room

I love this clean and uncomplicated look. I can just see me sitting here and having great conversations with family and friends.

Although these four chairs are only matched in pairs it still gives the look I like. Notice the fireplace and the wainscotting?

I think this room looks a bit crowded but the concept is there.

I really like this! I plan on putting a mirror in my faux fireplace with a nice fern in front of it.  I have done that in my operating fireplace for a summer look.  Hubby just made me a trifold mirror so I could easily move it in and out for my summer look. We even attached a clip light to the flue to illuminate the fire box. It was a really nice affect. (Note to self: wire for lighting inside faux fireplace)

Great inspiration picture for me, fireplace and four chairs.

Black and white striped awnings on windows

I just think this house is so charming!  My house is a small ranch so I think the awnings would add so much character.

There you have it, my "Someday List," complete with pictures to inspire.
Do you have a "Someday List"? I would love to hear what you have on your list.

"Enjoy the Process," Of: Making a" Someday List"