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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Virtual Shopping For The "T"word at the "T" store

Yesterday I talked about the "T" word Texture and how it can make a nice room become a Great room!So how can you bring Texture into your rooms? Well every element in a room will have some form of texture,whether it is rough,smooth,shiney. When you look at a piece to purchase for your home think of what texture will this bring to my room? Does your room need more rough, smooth or shiney? Since we are talking about the "T" word I thought I would take you on a virtual shopping trip to a store that starts with a "T". I bet you know which one I am talking about, I like to refer to it as "Tarjay". I know almost everyone has a Target in their town and they do a wonderful job on decorative items at very affordable prices and in this economic enviroment we need good deals to spruce up our homes.I am going to show you just a few items that could bring in some texture variations in your room. Of course you will need to choose items that go with your own personal style and the look of your room but this will just be some ideas to show you the varied textures that items can have. So first think of the accessory your room needs or that you just want and then think of the texture the room needs. Here we gooooooooo!Virtual shopping at Tarjay

This mirror would bring shine to any room and it is only $99 or this great black one at $79.00

This is a great mirrored sconce to bring shine and light into a room for $24.99

The ball of twine would add a nice rough texture to any room for only $9.99
or how about the great texture of the coral also for $9.99

This pillow at $19.99 would add a great texture to any room

I love the nubbiness on this throw,another interesting texture to bring into a room, again from Tarjay in their Nantucket collection for $24.99

This shiney metal bowl is a great texture and has a sculptural quality for only $14.99

There are so many great deals at Target, they have great mirrored trays for $29.99  would look wonderful on an ottoman.They even have a black tray with a mirrored top by Victoria Hagan for the same price that I have in my home and I use it on my ottoman.Target also has a great banana leaf trunk for $79.99 that has a great texture and also storage inside. So you can see if you are a little more selective and observant you can add interest to any room in your home for a great price. A dear friend of mine has a saying,"LLM"
That stands for "Looks Like More". Now isn't that what we are all looking for?
Enjoy The Process of: shopping for texture that,"LLM"(looks like more)