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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Was Brought to Tears

Since today is Sunday I thought I would share a picture of a statue that touched my heart while visiting Saint Paul’s Basilica in Rome.

I entered and looked to my right and there it was!! As a mother I immediately felt  emotion.
 As I looked at her face she looked so serene for she knew this was how it was suppose to be.
 There she was holding her son Jesus as he lay lifeless after being removed from the cross. To know that when this child was born this would be his destiny. My heart ached for her. It was truly moving. I could not stop the tears, they just rolled down my cheek.

This statue was carved out of one slab of marble by Michaelangelo when he was only twenty-five years old. What a gift from God. His hands had to be guided by something higher to create such beauty that would be so moving and make all who view it feel such emotion.

Holy Land 2010 268 (600x800)
Holy Land 2010 265 (800x600)
Notice her bowed head and her left hand lifting upward as if to give him back to God. This is just so moving to me as a person. What a blessed savior.