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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Would You Like To Join Me In A Tour Of Blue and White?

It is not a secret that I LOVE blue and white!!! I know I am not alone in the love for this fresh combination. I thought I would do a post today that you won’t have to think or answer any questions. A post where you can just enjoy the view……….

Light Blue and White

It is my dream to have a daybed in my family room. It is on my, “Someday List!”

Medium Blue

I love the large pleats on this center entry hall table.

 It does not get any more crisp and fresh than this lovely room.


I hope you have enjoyed your visit into my world of Blue!!! If you would like to see more of my blue inspiration you can find me on PINTEREST HERE!!!

“Enjoy The Process” Of

Finding inspiration in rooms designed with your favorite color schemes.

 btw: I apologize for the bad spacing in today's post. Blogger was not cooperating with me at all.