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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Coordinating Blue And Pink Spring Pillows


In my last post I was talking about adding pink to my Great room. I usually switch out my pillows for the changing seasons and this will be the first year I have used any pink in a couple of decades.

Remember the mauve and blue phase? 

Oh my. Even back then I searched high and low for a clearer pink. Mauve was just not my color, it felt old to me. 

So I searched until I found a more crisp, clear pink, almost a watermelon pink. It was a tough one to find.

Luckily now we can find just about anything we want thanks to cyber space!

So my hunt has begun, and I have some fabric samples coming my way to see what will work in my environment.

 Lee Jofa Willow

I try to start with  the main focal pattern and work off of that to find coordinating patterns.

This particular pattern has been a favorite of mine for awhile, I love a touch of Chinoiserie, this could possibly work. Once I decide on the main fabric then I start looking for patterns that can coordinate with it.

Here are some that could work......

As you can see I have some pretty good options. I normally keep it to 3 patterns and add a solid to break it up a bit.

 The two other patterns I need to keep in mind are my sofa which is a blue ticking and  a black and white striped rug.

Here is one possibility, you can see I added just one more touch of black and white. I think another touch of a blue fabric might be nice as well in this mix.

Schumacher's Betwixt in blue. This pattern is a great combiner fabric, it seems to go with so many other patterns.

Schumacher Blue Ismar Ikat 


 Indigo Blue Sata

This is just the  beginning of the hunt and once I do choose the main fabric then I will do the coordinating.
After that I will need to figure out which pillows will go on the sofa and which will go on the chairs.

 Good To Know:
I have found that sometimes what looks good in print doesn't always work out exactly like you thought it would once you have the actual fabrics in hand. This is why I never move forward without samples in hand!!

I will keep you posted on my progress!