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Sunday, September 29, 2013



Great color by Burberry
Growing up I quickly learned you were either a mustard girl, or mayonnaise girl. I always preferred mustard to mayo.

Today I am not referring to the condiment. I am referring to the color mustard.

mustard and black, simple
It is a color that can’t be warn by everyone if it is close to the face, but it is a color that I personally love to wear.

Mustard can be worn with so many other colors. It is a very versatile color, and a perfect addition to any Fall wardrobe.
grey and mustard sweater

I started adding a touch of mustard to my own wardrobe last season, and found I wore it quite a bit.

mustard and navy
I love wearing it with navy, but it works equally as well with grays, and blacks.

Etro great colors for this Fall mustard and gray

Even if you can’t wear it close to your face you could wear it in a skirt or pant.

You could even use it as an accent in an accessory…….
Navy and white. and mustard
Often times we don’t consider using a color in our wardrobe because it does not look good with our skin tone, but by using it as an accessory we can add a fun new element to our wardrobes. 

Chic. mustard and navy and white
This is a good way to freshen up your wardrobe from season to season.

It is a good way to stay fresh, and current without breaking the bank.

As I looked around the web I found colors mixed with mustard that surprised me. Fun combinations that I might not have thought about wearing together…….

color combo mustard and mint
Mustard and Mint

fun color combination mustard and cobalt blue
Mustard and Cobalt
mustard, gray and purple
Mustard, Gray, and Purple

Good Life of Design: Another Color Palette From Mother Nature
Mustard and Teal

Be sure and look around at what Mother Nature puts with mustard. I think you will be pleasantly surprised……
pretty yellows and blues
Golden green for Fall decor
Pumpkin on Green

Look in your closet and see what pieces you might have that you could add a little mustard to your Fall wardrobe.

I for one am going to enjoy wearing a little mustard  this Fall season!