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Saturday, August 8, 2015



At the beginning of this week we got some news about the completion date of our new home.

Apparently they had some problems with a couple of the trades, and they are also short handed for the amount of building that is going on, so we have a two week delay.

It has been moved  to October 13th which just happens to be my birthday. 

I would say that is a pretty nice Birthday present. 

I have learned  to……….

Go with the flow

We feel very fortunate that we are enjoying living in our apartment, it has made the transition easier than we both expected.

P1150233 (800x600)
We get lots of good light, and these three windows are just like the three windows on the side wall of our new home's Great room.

P1150217 (800x600)
P1150216 (600x800)
We feel comfortable and very safe here!

Now lets talk about some of the progress we got to see this week……

P1150557 (800x600)
We have walls!!! 

There are NO arches in sight, nice square edges ready for molding, when the time comes.

P1150554 (800x600)
Fireplace and entertainment area!

P1150556 (800x600)
This is the wall that has been my biggest design challenge, but we have some nice plans that will hopefully work out as time goes by.

P1150560 (800x600)
Looking from Great room towards the kitchen, the room on the right is the office/den it will have  9ft.French doors.

Down the hall is the opening into the hall leading to the guest quarters, guest bath and laundry room. Straight ahead is the front door.

P1150558 (800x600)
Master bedroom, the backyard has part of our fence.

Folks this is really happening!!!

Master bedroom bed wall!

This whole process has been so fun to watch, and experience. Of course I want to move in, but I don’t want to miss any of the stages that are about to take place.

We are still able to ………

Joy in journey

I will keep you posted as …….

The Journey continues