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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Have The, "BLUES!"


Can someone ever have enough blue? I am not sure they can, but it might be possible.

I added a bit of blue to my home this weekend. One comes in the form of a piece of furniture, and the other is in the form of a plant!

pod pillows 004 (800x745)
(The Before)
Do you see the little brown stained side table? Well it has a whole new look!

Blue end table 014 (800x600)
A nice coat of blue paint made all the difference in the world.

Blue end table 017 (800x600)
We used a satin finish. The top looks so glossy because I have a clear glass round on top for protection.

Blue end table 016 (800x600)
We used Krylon’s spray paint in Blue Oxford. It seemed to be the perfect blue for the room.  

It did not match the pillow, the buffalo check, or the ticking stripe on the sofa, it is somewhere in between all of those colors.

A color that has all the qualities of the other colors in the room  that are in a similar  hue can become almost neutralized, and it just works.

I call those colors, “In-Between Colors.” A very technical term. Okay, it is not really technical just another little phrase I like to use.

The next blue that was added to my home is in my yard….

Blue hydrangeas 003 (800x600)
The back of my home is painted a very soft sage green with shutters and a window box in cobalt blue.

Blue hydrangeas 007 (800x696)
I use accents of black. I have two lanterns hung on each shutter an an old iron gate beneath the window box.

There you have it! A little more blue added to Kathysue’s home.

If you are a lover of Blue and white together be sure and go to my friend Jennifer’s blog, “The Pink Pagoda.” Every Monday she does a Blue and White post. I try to never miss her post!

If you are still craving a little more blue you can go and visit my pinboards.....
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(just click on the word BLUE and it will take you right to my boards!)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beauty Products I Want To Try!


I love being a girl and I do love a good beauty product. I honestly can not pass by a display of lipgloss without wanting to buy one, and chances are I will buy one before I leave the store.

With the onset of Pinterest it has opened my eyes to a whole world of like minded product junkies willing to share some of their finds with all of us out in blogland.

I have a pinboard that is titled," Products I would like to try." So today I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you all.

Who knows maybe you have already tried some of these products, and can give me a thumbs up, or a thumbs down before I purchase any of them.

According to Dr. Oz, this is suppose to be the best moisturizer. For the price I guess it is worth a try ……


I read about this next moisturizer on Tina's blog, The Enchanted Home.

Tina is like me in that she loves to try new products. I am not sure if she is a product junkie like me, but she loves a good beauty product, and shares her finds from time to time on her blog.

She heard about it from Marshara who writes, Splenderosa blog. I just love the way blogland works, don't you?


Since the warmer months are here, we all need to make sure we use sunscreen. 

I saw this on a TV show, you know one of those shows with all the rich, blonde ladies that live in Beverly Hills?(guilty pleasure.) 

Anyhow, I thought it was such a neat concept I looked it up until I ran across something similar to what I saw on TV.

It is sunscreen in a powder form. It is inside the tube and it comes out of the brush. 

How convenient is that? Plus I think when you are out in the sun, and a little sweaty this might be a welcomed sight and so easy to apply to your face. Fun little item to carry in your beach bag.

Speaking of make-up, and summer, how about something that will seal your make-up, and help it last all day. 

In fact this stuff is so good it is used by  Princesses!

Yes you heard right!! Disney Princesses use this…….


Now let’s talk about the fun stuff!!!


You all know I love lipstick, and lip gloss, and if you didn’t know you can ask 5 of my closest friends what Kathysue will almost always, if not always buy when she goes into Ulta, Sephora, or Nordstroms.


Tom Ford’s Pink Dusk found HERE!

Isn’t this the prettiest soft pink? I think it is definitely worth a try. If this is bit too pricey, do not fear, Kathysue is here!!

OBSESSIVE/ COMPULSIVE (only when it comes to lipstick or lip gloss, honest)

This stuff sounds remarkable and I am definitely going to try this. Let me have you read what they write about this product, and see if you don’t agree with it is worth a try for only $16….

What it is: A high-opacity lipstick concentrate with unprecedented longevity.
What it does:
Flash a fabulous smile and a stunning splash of color with this lip formula that combines the longevity of a lipstick with the breezy application of a gloss. The rich pigment will drench your pout and the blend of essential oils, including hemp and peppermint, will soothe and soften the skin for a supremely comfortable finish. For easy travel and application, each Lip Tar comes with a vinyl carrying case and mini lip brush.
This set contains:
- 0.33 oz Lip Tar
- Mini lip brush
- Vinyl pouch
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
What else you need to know:
This straight-forward formula does not contain petroleum or silicone and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.

Okay just one more little goodie, I need to save some for another blog post.

The newer generation of blush is coming in cream and liquid formulas. To be honest I use to use a cream and a liquid when I was younger, but it is NEW again…..

This one looks worth trying to me…..


So there you have my dear friends. A little fun beauty post with lots of goodies to try. 

Be sure and tell me if you have already tried any of the above, or if you do try any of the above. 

Just send me an email at: Goodlifeofedesign@yahoo.com

 If you have already tried any of these products, leave  a comment, and tell me what you thought about it.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Family Room Update!!


Recently I had a friend ask me what I have left to do in the our family room.

It is funny when when someone ask you a question like that you hesitate, then you start making your mental list.

I thought I would update you all on the progress and what we have left on our To-Do list.

When I left you last I showed you a teaser picture……

wainscoting and mirror 007 (800x600)
 My very handy, talented, sweet, loving husband has made a wish come true for me.

wainscoting and mirror 005 (678x800)

The wainscoting for the room has started taking shape. This is something I have had in my little design brain for over 10 years. 

YES! you heard right 10 years ago I started talking about the someday list for this room and wainscoting was on that list.

I am calling this a, "LABOR OF LOVE," since my live-in handyman really did not want to do this to begin with.
black sconces 005 (800x600)


wainscoting and mirror 001 (800x600)

Now for the big To-Do list:

1. Paint wainscoting the same color as all the trim,
    swiss coffee.

2. Paint brick Swiss coffee (I am doing the happy
   dance about this one) Hubby did not, would not
   give in to painting the brick, but once he saw the
   wainscoting he knew it had to be done!! Woo hoo!!!

3. Finish wainscoting around the entire room

4. Add crown molding

5. Paint small end table a pretty color( color to be 
    announced later,I need to have a few surprises)

6. Purchase antique brass pharmacy floor lamp for
    right hand white chair area.

7. Find artwork for back wall and above small
    desk.(looking for architectural blue prints)

8. Possibly paint desk(color not chosen yet) probably
    a soft off-white.

9. Paint upper family room walls.

10. Possibly paint bar stools a soft cream and have
      seats reupholstered.

11. Accessorize as we go along.

So there you have it! More to do, more to show you later.


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Very Small Bathrooms That Look Grande!

If we have a small bathroom sometimes we think that we can’t make it look pretty. 

We tend to try and make it look more spacious and the reality is, if you can stand in the middle of the room, spread your arms and touch each side of the room, you know it is small.

I have two favorite rooms to design and decorate, children's rooms and bathrooms.

My theory about designing a small bathroom is, you can’t make it look larger, but you can make it look Grande. Not Grande in size but Grande in feeling.

I say make it look like a jewel box. Make it so wonderfully appointed that people will not want to leave.

Once they come out your guest bath the first thing they say to you is, “Wow! you really have a beautiful bathroom, or that is the nicest bathroom I have ever been in!”

I am going to show you some beautifully appointed bathrooms, and maybe you will see that a very small bathroom, or powder room can be a beautiful little jewel box! 

This room is exactly what I was referring too as small enough that you can touch each side of the walls. It is a very small powder room, and yet the owner spared no expense on the amenities.

An amazing open legged sink, lovely wainscoting. Oversized scenic wallpaper is the perfect choice for this room.

Check out the sconces, beautiful, and unusual design. A lovely traditional style black framed mirror is the finishing touch.

A lot of beauty in such a small space.

The wallpaper in this bathroom really sets the mood for this small space. All the other details are kept sleek and contemporary. Since there is so much white they chose to use a dark tile floor in a brick pattern to ground the room.

This small bathroom fascinates me. Black walls become the backdrop to art covered walls. This room has  a lot of Wow factor.

One of the prettiest bathrooms I have ever been in was literally 4’X4’ and all the walls were painted black with dark cabinetry and brass fixtures, including the sink. The sconces were black with brass bases. I saw this thirty years ago and have never forgotten it.

That one little bathroom taught me to go all out in designing my own personal bathrooms.

Nothing was spared in this pretty bathroom, wallpaper, beautiful vanity, even a chandelier.

Beautiful soft blue vanity, simple, yet elegant at the same time, this is my kind of bathroom. Notice the little bun feet to make the vanity more like a piece of furniture. A small touch but add something extra to a stack of drawers.

All bathrooms require the same elements so why not choose your elements a little more carefully and add an elegance to them.


It does not have to be expensive to look well appointed, you just need to put thought into each element that you are choosing to come up with a beautiful and cohesive design.

I have a very small master bathroom. The sink area is in a little alcove only 42” wide.

We saved money by purchasing kitchen cupboards and designing our own vanity. This cabinetry is made by Thomasville for Home Depot.

The vessel sink was also purchased at Home Depot for under $200.

You will notice the whole wall is tiled in an irridescent mosaic tile.

Behind the mirror we did not place any tile. Why waste pretty tile where it will never be seen. The mirror was an inexpensive mirror from Lowes, that looks exactly the same as its twin at Restoration Hardware, back in the silver sage days.

We saved $150 on the tile by not using it behind the mirror.

The shower area is through a sliding door right off the vanity area. It is only a 6ft.X 6ft. room and the shower measures 3ft.X6ft.

Even though it is a small area I treated it as if it were a much larger bath area.
We have a bench, a niche for shampoos, tile wainscoting around the room.

I have heated tile floors too. Are you still with me?
Don’t let the size of a space make you skimp on what you put in that space. Get the best that you can afford.

It might not be the time in your life that you can afford what you want exactly, but by being creative and making a good plan of attack you can still have a beautiful bathroom

I hope you got a little inspired by some of the above images. If you would like to see more you can go HERE.
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