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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is Kathysue going to go "Rustic?!"

I have never considered my self a rustic girl or even a girl that needs a lot of texture in rooms. I do, however, like a few rustic pieces and would love to incorporate them in my home.

I have three items that I have always been drawn too that I never have purchased for my home, but they are always in my radar.

First, are Confit pots in pretty gold or green. I have always loved these. I also have admired the French Anduze pottery.

untitled (400x300)

confit (554x640)

anduze pottery (442x442)
I think my mantel could accomodate a pair of any of these lovely pots, don’t you? I really love the pretty yellow/ochre pots. I think they could be a wonderful addition of texture to a room.

One of my favorite images.

2 (360x460)
3 (300x333)
Hmmmm? Maybe a pair of lamps?!!

I have mentioned this next element as something I would like to add to my home in 2011. I am bound and determined to find just the right one.

1 (800x452)
I love the idea of a large basket for a coffee table. Not a new idea, but still a good use for a large basket. It is also wonderful for storage, which is a whole other issue in my home.

4 (300x300) 

My next item is a dough bowl. I have always been drawn to the patina of these old wooden bowls. My grandmother and great-grandmother use to make their own bread and I can just visualize them making dough in a bowl similar to these bowls.

dough bowl (400x318) 

There are so many of you that love the rustic look that is so popular right now. You love burlap and the roughed up paint finishes, so it would not be a surprise to see these pieces in your homes.

In my home, however, I think it might be a bit of the unexpected and I like that!!

I don’t think most people that really know me would associate the word "rustic'  with  me.

 I usually love an understated elegant look. I think the addition of these pieces would give me some nice texture, and more of a casual feel in my home, don’t you?

Do you have elements that you are attracted too that would not necessarily be found in your style of decor? What are they? Do you see yourself ever incorporating something that is, "outside the box?"

"Enjoy the Process" Of:

Stepping out of your comfort zone and adding something unexpected to your home decor.