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Monday, November 7, 2011

There is Change In The AIR!!


How many of you are pinning away on Pinterest!? I got an invitation from Pinterest quite awhile ago, and have witnessed some changes for the better as well as seeing  a lot more participants from fellow bloggers from blog land.

One thing I have noticed in my own experience is I am finding myself more intrigued with the discoveries on Pinterest than I am in blog land. Not to say that I have given up on blog land, but lately I am more inspired  by  the images I am finding over on Pinterest.

There are such wonderful varieties of taste and subject matters that can be found on Pinterest. All of which are represented with a beautiful image.


I am not saying this to offend any of my hardworking fellow bloggers. I am right there with you. I am just being honest, and hopefully opening up a dialogue of how Pinterest is effecting me and the rest of YOU, my readers and fellow bloggers.

As a creative group of like-minded people we tend to be very visual. It makes sense that the beautiful images that we see on Pinterest will spur us on to become more creative, and excited about upcoming projects or dreams that we have for our lives and our own homes.

I personally have noticed that I am getting more new followers each day on my Pinterest boards than I am here on my blog. So……… my question to you all is……….

......Are you finding that you are more excited about what you see on Pinterest than you are in blog land lately?  Are you becoming less interested in what fellow bloggers have to say, or are you still taking the time to read blog post?

Blogging has been such a wonderful gift to my life and I will forever be grateful. I feel that things are going to be changing in the near future for we bloggers. I am not sure if it will be a good change or just something that is different.


In talking to a few of my fellow bloggers that have been blogging for close to 2-3years I have found that we are all finding it harder to get inspired these days.

It is harder and harder to think of anything new that has not already been covered by our self or another blogger.

I know I strive to stay relevant, and hopefully bring a different take on certain subjects as I know you all do too. 
Change is always hard, and when you are not certain where the change might be taking you, it becomes even harder. I am going to go along for the ride because……….

......Change can be good, and we should always keep an open mind. So for now, I am keeping my eyes, and ears open to the sights and sounds of change.


How about You all?!!!!

BTW: For those of you that would like to see what has been keeping me inspired you can visit me over at Pinterest, HERE!