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Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Should Always Order A Sample!!!

I think most of us will agree that we should always get a sample whether it is paint, fabric or wall coverings.

Without a sample we will not be able to tell how it works in the room with lighting, and also, how it marries to other fabrics and colors in the room.

Believe it or not, a color or fabric you might love, just might not be good with the other elements in the room.

When it comes to fabric, what we see on the computer screen will not only vary in color and texture, but the pattern might also vary in size.

It is important to read all of the fine print in relation to the fabric or wallpaper. The design repeat is a pretty good clue on how large a print could possibly be.
I bring all of this up because I recently posted about the samples of fabric I was ordering.

It was fun getting everyone’s varying opinions on which fabrics to use for the cushions. I showed the samples that were on the website. Here is an example of one of the fabrics…………
1 (600x403)

playroom bed and samples 003 (800x600)
I think you can tell that the actual fabric samples stripe appears much wider than the on-line samples picture. The white is actually more white in person.

Let’s look at another sample…………………..
7 (600x423)

playroom bed and samples 004 (800x600)
Both of the samples I have shown are good examples of why one should order a sample!!! The actual size of the pattern is soooo much larger than is represented on-line!!

Whew!! I am sure glad I ordered samples! Now for the fun but hard part- choosing just the right one!!

I am really excited because I actually have three great options, but I will have to admit, I am leaning more towards one over the others. Don’t you just looooove getting samples in the mail?!

You will just have to stay tuned for the reveal of which fabric I am choosing!!!

Have you ever ordered anything without ordering a sample and been disappointed or shocked at how different it looked in person?

“ Enjoy the Process” Of:

Getting Samples in the mail!!