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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do You Feel Like Shopping Today?


Happy Saturday Everyone!! I thought I would take you shopping with me today. 

This season it seems to be all about the accessories so I thought I would share a few pieces I have picked up the last few months.

When they say diamonds are a girls best friend for this gal I prefer pearls. I found this darling bracelet that has more than just a string of pearls around my wrist…..

I got this from Darlybird.com. Wait until you see how much it cost.  I love the way they added two types of chains. I found this to be even cuter in person and I wear it all the time.



When I wear my uniform this next piece goes perfectly with the look…….

A universal monogram is attached to this wide tortoise shell cuff and there is just a hint of sparkle with a tiny Swarovski crystal in a golden hue. 

This cuff is fairly wide so I would not recommend it for you tiny, petite wrist gals.

You can find it HERE if you would like to purchase one.


Speaking of monograms and pearls check this little cutie out…….

This will be so fun to wear with a pair of white jeans, any fun top, and sandals this summer. The pearls are a nice size and you can add your own personal initial. I used a K on mine!!

I think it would look good with something like this………

One last fashion purchase, and a question to all of my wonderful readers…

I will be going to Paris this fall and I am on the quest for a comfortable shoe. I would like a pair of ankle boots, a loafer and a ballerina flat. I think those three styles will cover just about any occasion or place I will be going.

My beautiful DIL, who has impeccable classic style with a flair gave me some suggestions for a cute flat to wear……


This ballet flat is by Taryn Rose. She was a podiatrist before she became a shoe designer. 

I must tell you it fits like a glove, and feels like a slipper on my foot.

It is so much cuter in person, I was almost giddy!!! Okay, I actually was giddy.

I have a very narrow heel, and I have the hardest time finding a shoe to fit. This shoe ran one size larger so I took a chance and ordered a smaller size. Would you believe they only had one pair left in my size so I took the plunge and ordered it.

This little beauty now resides in my closet!!!

On My Radar
This sweet little trinket was on my radar, but I passed it up.

 A very sweet, dear life-long friend surprised me today with this very bracelet. It is a large bangle type bracelet, and it is so gorgeous in person!!

 Thank you to my sweet, sneaky friend for getting it for me. Apparently after I showed it to her, she ordered it for me, and it just arrived ten minutes ago!!!

I love a surprise!!!

So dear readers please leave me any suggestions of shoes you find cute/comfortable for walking on cobblestone streets for long periods of time.

It sure was fun shopping with you all today!! Have a wonderful weekend!


To see more of my wardrobe wants, taste, and desires go to my pinterest boards here.

While over on Pinterest you can visit my DIL's boards too. She has quite the designers eye in fashion and in decor. I promise you will be inspired!