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Friday, January 7, 2011

Cyber Energy vs. Physical Energy!! and a Question??!!

I had a couple of fellow bloggers comment on my energy and iquire as to how do I do it all?  I hate to disappoint you all, but writing about what I would like to do or, plan on doing, takes very little energy.

I don’t always get done what I am writing about. While I am giving you  inspiration,  I am also giving myself  a “To Do List.”  Some of the list gets done and some does not.

I have a lot of Cyber energy, but not so much physical energy. I am working on that.

I never want anything I write to make anyone feel like I am doing more than I actually am, or that I am doing more than they are.

I also hope that I never make it sound as if my way is the only way.

I only write what is my opinion and what has worked or, has NOT worked for me.

I am just like all of you out there- busier than some and less busy than others. I am person just trying to keep the house afloat ,one day at a time.

So when you see a post that has some inspiration don’t always think I have done it!!

I was wondering! For you bloggers out there that really do get a lot done(you know who you are!)

Do you think it is better to write about the process as you are going along or do you think it is better to write about it after it is done?

I start projects but it might take me several days, weeks or months to actually get them done.

What do you all think? To write before, during or after a project?

Please leave me a comment I really do want your opinions on this one!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Figuring out what you want to do and how to write about it!!


BTW: On Monday I will start my post on my “Purging Process!”
Time to clean out the house!!!