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Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I Will Miss About Summer

My friend Sally at Divine Distractions did a post for Labor Day where she said, “Good Bye,” to Summer.

I have to admit I am going into Fall kicking and screaming this year. Our summer this year has been so great. The temperatures have been wonderful. We  have not had the scorching days of over 100 degree temps. like we usually do so I am not quite ready to say good bye to Summer yet.
There are so many things I will miss about Summer……

There is nothing better than a frosty glass of fresh lemonade while sitting out on the patio around the pool.Except maybe a cool pitcher of ice water infused with fresh strawberries……….

I am a very lucky girl to live in an area of California where we can get fresh farm produce all year long.
I can never get my fill of what summer has to offer when it comes to fresh fruit or juicy tomatoes.

My Mom has a big cherry tree and there is nothing sweeter than a dark cherry that still  is a bit firm. You know the kind that snap when you bite into them and a burst of sweet juice rolls out. Yum!!

Then there are the peaches and nectarines!!! When they are in season there is nothing better. I love to cut up a peach and put a bit of vanilla creamer on them, it taste like melted ice cream, but with less calories. I snack on these through out the summer months.

What about a fresh picked strawberry straight from the fields?

I enjoy the long days and being able to sit out on my patio by lantern and candle light.

There are so many things I will miss about Summer....

  • Flip flops
  • Tank tops and shorts.
  • Early morning coffee on porch, while watching the sprinklers water the lawn.
  • Barbecues
  • Watching the kiddos swim in the pool.
  • Opened windows to let in the cooler morning air.
  • The bright colors of Summer, blue and white, yellows, bright pinks and lime greens.
What will you all miss about Summer?

"Enjoy the Process!"Of:

The Last Days Of Summer!!