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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He STILL........



Today I am celebrating my love for the man I married 42 years ago. I have been in love with him for over 46 years.
How can time go by so fast? I remember the first time I saw him. I was drawn to his beautiful smile, and twinkly blue eyes. I later found out this gorgeous young man had a voice like an angel. One more thing that drew me in.
What I fell in love with was the man he was inside. A man that loved God, his family, and me.
He still…

1. Tells me he loves me daily.

2. He still looks at me with those blue eyes, and there is a  special twinkle that only belongs to me.

3. He tells me I am beautiful to him, even when I am not dressed up, or have my make-up on.(Now that has to be love!)

4. Puts me first above himself.

5. Loves me unconditionally.

6. Takes care of me.

7. Makes me feel cherished, and adored.

8. Cries with me when we hear a love song, or see a movie that is a love story.

9. Makes me feel I am his everything.

10. Tells me he still can’t believe I married him.

11. Makes me feel safe, secure, and cared for.

12. Makes me want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Yes, this is the man that I have had the privilege to call my husband for 42 years. I am still over the top in love with him.  I am a very blessed woman indeed.