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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Favorite Christmas Inspirations for 2010

As I reviewed the holiday post I have written and ready to go, it dawned on me why not show the  images here  that are my favorite this year. So, that is what I decided to blog about- my personal favorites!!

I did a guest post on this very subject over at Providence LTD.  I used some of the images below, but not all of them. I continue to add to my file as the season progresses.  En-JOY!♪♫♪♫

credenza-wreath-country living[1]
Country Living Image
This is one of my all-time favorites. I love black and white with a pop of green. The simplicity of this image is so appealing to me. If I see stripes, especially  black and white stripes, I am in heaven!!

1 (400x400) (400x400) (400x400)
Another simple idea, but this time it has a little more elegant flair. I love an understated elegant look.

6 (400x400) (400x400) (400x400)
Simple Elegance at it’s best!

3 (400x400) (400x400)
I have already shown this one on my blog and it was a favorite among my reader’s.

5 (3) (300x357) (300x357) (300x357)
I think this is just a really simple and fun idea. Bottomless cylinders  are used here and the lights have white wire to keep it, yet again, simple!!

2 (450x564) (450x564)
I love how they spelled out a word with natural greenery. I have a real love for anything with words, letters or numbers.

5 (347x346) (347x346)
I love the festive look on the backs of these chairs.

2 (300x400) (300x400)
Speaking of backs of chairs- I love a little whimsy and I think these angel wings would do the trick!

untitle3 (300x400)
If you were having an adult party this would be a great way to light up your stairway.

1 (300x400)
A fun little touch for your outside stairs leading up to your porch.

2 (360x450) 
Speaking of porches, if one wreath is good and two is better, three has to be the best!!!

1 (600x800) (600x800) 
No surprise  here!! Black and white is my favorite!!

1 Blair House (200x267)
Can you imagine how this looks at night?  I want all of these lanterns hanging in my yard!!

2 (360x460) (360x460)
Cute to have white churches all decked out for the holidays. The color scheme here is so so pretty. Who needs a mantel if you have an old upright piano?

4 (2) (550x550)
A snowy Christmas would be nice, but it probably won’t be happening in my California neighborhood.

4 (3) (550x707)
Clever idea! Cluster your ornaments and hang in the window.

4 (300x400)
I adore wrought iron gates and I have several older ones in my backyard. I think this idea is so clever!

8 (2) (360x450)
Leave it to Ms. Stewart!!! So clever and all the elements just work well together!!

8 (400x400) (400x400) (400x400)
Simple elegance! Notice the tie-backs!!
12 (360x450)
This is just cute!!!
14 (360x450)

16 (300x266) (300x266) (300x266)
More Simple Elegance!!
better homes and gardens (300x277) (300x277)
Better Homes and Gardens
I think the use of natural elements is always a good idea. I think the little banner-like cloth hanging is adorable.

 I would take it one step further and add words like, Peace, Joy, Love!! What would you add to the banners?

If some of these images look familiar to you all I might have used them in other post.

I hope you have enjoyed just a little glimpse into the images that are inspiring my  decorating this year.

I promise I will have pictures of my home this week. You will be able to see which of the above images I used in my own home this year, with just a bit of my own personal touch.

I have been having some technical difficulties with my camera:
  • I am a horrible photographer and can’t seem to get the lighting right!
  • I left my camera at my son’s house(now that would put a stop to my picture taking for sure!

Be sure and come back this week to check out what I did in my 2010 Christmas Decor!!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Everything that you are doing to make your own Christmas Home!