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Friday, July 9, 2010


Do you find yourself saying that? “If I were only younger or thinner.” I try to not dwell on what I am NOT because I might miss out on what I AM!!

Ever once-in-awhile I will see something that makes me say, “ I wish I were younger or thinner.” The other day something came up on the web that made me say just That!! A dress, a darling dress in the perfect color, I loved it and, oh do I wish I could wear it!
Carey Mulligan In Bottega Veneta from the Spring 2010 collection.
She is so cute I think it could have actually been a little shorter for her and maybe some cuter shoes, but the dress is calling to me.
It’s yellow, its striped, its feminine, I love it! Let’s face it, we all know full body horizontal stripes  are not the best look for, shall we say, fluffier women! Yellow is also a color that will tend to make things look bigger or what I like to refer to as puffy and fluffy!!

Sigh! this will not be in my future, but I had to share this darling dress with you all! Can you feel my pain? Have you seen something lately that made you feel this way?

Here is one more dress to add to my pain, Sigh!!!

How cute is this, just look at the beach scene on the bottom. This would make a perfect summer party dress.

Even though my reality is not what is pictured above I still take pride in trying to look nice. Not ever high fashion, but hopefully classic and age appropriate.
Don’t get me wrong I will not dress like a Nana even though I am a Grammy. I feel it is important to look your best at whatever age or weight you are. So with that being said I am going to hold my head up high and feel good about who and what I am.

How about you do you need to talk to yourself once-in-awhile to perk yourself up a bit? As women I guess we probably all do. Talk is good, but action is even better. I have never been one that will wait to buy clothes for when I lose the weight. There is nothing worse than feeling fluffy, puffy and frumpy. So join me in thinking about ourselves as works in progress!!! So let’s start working with what we have and who we are  right Now!!

I have a blog that I love to read that I think you would all enjoy, that talks a lot about this subject matter. Go and visit, “Bringing Pretty Back.” Her post are eye opening, thought provoking and realistic! She has a wonderful way of writing and a great sense of humor. I always enjoy my stay at her blog.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Celebrating Yourself!